Auto Bottom Box

Auto bottom box is a kind of pre-glued bottom, that being locked by hand without tape or glue. It is much convenient for customers finishing packing their products into box packaging, the glued bottom allows the box to support heavy products.
Auto-lock bottom box die cut design

Above picture is the basic die cut design of auto-lock bottom tuck top box.

The Advantages of Auto Lock bottom boxes

Basic tuck top auto bottom box style

tuck top auto bottom box

10*3*23cm size, full colour printed boxes.

Auto bottom box with hang tab

autolock bottom box with hang tab

Able to be displayed on the shelf, get more chance to sale the products.

Auto-lock bottom beer carrier

auto bottom beer carrier

Foldable beer carrier box, a kind of drinks packaging solution.

What kind of paper material is suitable for auto bottom box?

1. Ivory Board (Virgin paperboard)
2. Kraft paper stock
3. Corrugated fiberboard
Those materials are foldable and durable, so it is able to fold them and glue the bottom, using fast dry glue.

Free die-cut design of auto bottom box for our customer

Whatever the size and printing you want, just let us know your request, our perfect designer would give you respond soon. A PDF/Adobe Illustrator design work will be sent to you right away! You are surely need them for your designer to create final art work.

Advanced design for TTAB (tuck top auto bottom) box in 2017

Auto Bottom Box with Display Panel

Auto Bottom Display Panel Box Dieline

Box shape display box, enable to make the box closed after displayed.

Gable top auto bottom carrier box

Gable top auto bottom carrier box

Take away quality, auto locked bottom makes the box more durable.

Dieline of Auto bottom cap box

Auto bottom cap box

Full over closed flap box, one kind of hinged lid corrugated box.

Auto bottom bottle carrier box

Auto bottom bottle carrier box

It’s popular with beer companies, four pack or six pack beer carrier holder.

Ask for a demonstration for more box styles

As article length limits, we could not list every details here, if you have more requirement not included here, please feel free to send us an email, we should send more information regarding on those auto lock bottom box styles for your reference. For more box demonstration details, please check the link here.

Free auto bottom box die-cut template design


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