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Custom cardboard tubes -Order now

What is custom cardboard tubes

You will need custom cardboard tubes while you are looking for special package instead of normal cardboard boxes. Cardboard tubes, made from un-cutted cardboard tubes, with nice printing, it is a drum or called custom cardboard tubes. The main applications are coffee bean packaging (kraft paper food bags for coffee bean also avaliable), tea packaging, T-shirt packaging, dry flower packaging and other kinds. It is always include a cardboard tube body, 2 pieces lid in iron, plastic or cardboard material. cardboard tube custom made

Pros and Cons of custom cardboard tubes


  1. Elegant body, able to do custom print onto it.
  2. Fast packing than other packaging structures.
  3. Flexible length and width, fast delivery time
  4. Cool and dry storage room, keep inside in good environment.


  1. More expensive than corrugated cardboard boxes.
  2. Not flat in shipping.

Even it is not able to flat in shipping, but considering the Pros, it’s still worthy and payable to do cystom cardboard tube. Why? when a market full of cardboard boxes with normal packaging style, your tube packagings would stand out of others, improve your sales oppotunities! Would like to see more tubes? we have an old article of paper tubes | cardboard tubes, there are more applications. Japan tube box packaging custom cardboard tubes manufacturer in china Tea packaging tubes manufacturer supplier in china Unique shape lid tube packagings

Order details of custom cardboard tubes

When you want to try custom cardboard tubes, we need to help you to work out below details, in order to give you a perfect product.

  1. What is the diameter of the tube, and then the height?
  2. How about the thickness of the tube? it always relates to your inside products weight and how it is sending to your customers. (our normal materials are 1mm~2mm thick duplex board coated with printed paper)

It’s easy to figure out, right? After this, we will show you the design work from your own design or our creative design. tube packaging with lid and plastic bag

Production details of custom cardboard tubes

  1. Produce the kraft paper to brown tubes.
  2. Cutting them to suitable length.
  3. Print a laminated paper with design work, then add printing finish onto.
  4. Laminate the printing paper onto the cardboard tubes.
  5. Packing in cartons or use plastic bag to pack single unit.
  6. Shipping out to you.

If you are interested in purchasing some, let us know, we have special Bonus in 2017 for you. By sending a simple email, one of our sales would reach out to you.