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Custom egg packaging

Custom egg packaging include plastic egg boxes (4 pack, 6 pack, 12 pack), pulp egg packaging boxes and personalized egg packaging cartons. Egg is fragile so the packaging should be solid, size be accurate.

Plastic egg boxes | plastic egg box with lid

Made from PVC material, blow the plastic to the egg shape. It’s pure transparent, solid. Include 4 pack egg box, 6 pack egg box, 8 pack egg box, 12 pack egg box and 24 pack egg box, we are always happy to custom some special quantity packed plastic egg boxes.

customized twelve pack plastic egg packaging boxes

customized twelve pack plastic egg packaging boxesfour pack plastic egg packaging boxes

four pack plastic egg packaging boxes

six pack plastic egg packaging boxes

six pack plastic egg packaging boxestwelve pack plastic egg packaging boxes

twelve pack plastic egg packaging boxes

Want custom egg packaging?

It is easy to make the box personalized by add stickers around, like our previous post stated about custom sleeve sticker onto the plastic egg tray, your packaging will be standing out among others. If you want, we are able to change it to non-stick material, just cover the box.

custom egg packaging boxes in walmart supermarket

custom egg packaging boxes in supermarket


personalized egg packaging box

personalized egg packaging box

Features of plastic egg packaging box

Plastic egg packaging box is high quality, cheap, add beautify to the eggs, so that more and more customers are attracted.
plastic egg packaging box using high-quality PVC sheet, with a high toughness, not easy to burn, PVC easy to be heated, can be used sealing machine and high frequency edge, As the main raw material, PVC sheet is a widely used materials, can be made transparent, colorful, anti-static, gold-plated, flocking and other blister packaging products, characterized by high transparency, good surface gloss , Small watermark, impact resistance, and easy to shape.

Pulp egg packaging boxes | trays

Made from wood pulp material, Eco-friendly and cheap. Pulp egg trays are soft than PVC, however it performs well in transportation test and pressure resistance test. We accept random number packs of the egg, such as 3 pack, 6 pack, 12 pack, 24 pack and so on.

white pulp egg packaging boxes

white pulp egg packaging boxes

customized egg packaging boxes

customized egg packaging boxes

buy high quality egg trays pulp material

buy high quality egg trays pulp material

Some customer may asked about tray packaging, not boxes, while some customer do not know what is packaging tray.

Economical solution to transport light loads in nurseries or bottling plants.
Hold plants, cans, bottles and other miscellaneous items securely.
Ship flat, easy to assemble.
200 lb. test. – ULINE explained like this.

Features of pulp egg packaging box

Pulp egg packaging box is made of recycled paper pulp by molding machine, Thanks to its simple production process, low cost, no environmental pollution, known as the “green” packaging, is accept by market for many years.

Personalized egg packaging cartons

Different from upon retail packagings, personalized egg packaging cartons always used for shipping, e-commerce sales and carry. They made from corrugated cardboard, can stuck for layers carton, rigid and durable. If you use simple retail packaging boxes, those eggs are broken before to your customers’ stomach.







Design for custom egg packaging

If you would like to get your packaging customized designed, please contact with us for design, it’s free for die-cut design and artwork gathering. Meet with us, you will see how professional we are in packaging field.