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High quality custom packaging boxes

Pictures of high quality custom packaging boxes

High quality custom packaging boxes are used in high-value added products, for food and luxuries. Today we will list some high custom packaging boxes and explain cardboard material and structure of them. ①Biscuit packaging boxes custom box packaging High quality custom packaging boxes Wenli Biscuit is a famous biscuit brand belongs to HUG group. Biscuit unit price is not high but it’s easy to get broken. This require high Cost-effective cardboard material to meet with. The 400gsm duplex board is the best choice, since it’s rigid and good for offset printing. This box structure is tuck end box template, but the ends are sealed on customer’s side by machine. Full color printing, with glossy oil varnish, cheaper than glossy lamination. You can see the color are real, attract customer to make a purchase action. Size 20*5*3 cm. If you are interested in this box structure. let us know, we will design it for free to you with ANY size. ②Food storage container packaging boxes custom box printing Snapware is a famous food container brand belongs to World Kitchen, LLC. Since glasses are fragile, the packaging box should be rigid and can absurd pressure while shipping. The corrugated cardboard is most suitable, doing a custom corrugated box is easy. This box made to snap bottom and lock top style, E flute 2 mm thickness, full color printing and glossy plastic lamination. Size 10*5*20 cm. ③Custom cosmetic packaging boxes custom boxes and packaging Jurlique is a cosmetic products brand located in United States, aim to offer natural cosmetics to human beings, bring back to wild…This box required to designed to natural, simple but unique. The paper material is specialty paper, with natural pattern onto. The packaging box shape is Reverse tuck end (RTE), 300 gsm specialty paper quality, full color printing, without any surface treatment. size 5*5*20 cm, to pack 3.5 OZ hand cream. Are you interested in this kind of packaging? feel free to write an email to us. ④Siren Packaging boxes custom cardboard packaging DSC is world leading manufacturer of Siren, with more than 200 products need to be packed each minute.

DSC (Digital Security Controls) is a world leader in electronic security. Since the company’s genesis, the experts at DSC have been leading the way. From our revolutionary control panels, to our industry-leading IP alarm monitoring products and now to our sleek, contemporary self-contained wireless panels, DSC has always been front and center in the security space.    – DSC website.

It’s also a reverse tuck end box, with 20*5*20 cm size. 250 gsm duplex paper coated with corrugated board, can bear 20 kg weight max. This structure have cutting lines on closure flaps, this ensure you easy to close the box but hard to open it, the products keep save while shipping or shaking. ⑤Cosmetic packing boxes custom cosmetic packaging solution Biotherm is a famous brand in cosmetic industry, main for men’s daily care.

Our story can be traced back to the Middle Ages when women journeyed to the thermal springs in the Pyrenees, believed to be a source of eternal youth. After each bath in the ‘fountain of youth’, their skin was softer, smoother, rejuvenated. The legend also says that Gallo-Roman warriors used to heal their wounds after battles in the thermal springs of the French Pyrenees. The true secret behind their mythical powers was only revealed by chance centuries later. In the 1950s – the springs had become a thermal station – when Dr. Jos Jullien observed a curious phenomenon, an extraordinary substance on the surface of the baths. Analysis finally revealed the secret source of the springs’ regenerating powers: Life plankton.

Those boxes are made to different sizes while made from same material- Virgin paperboard. Pure, white, bright and rigid. After offset printing, laminate them with plastic lamination, or even you can add gold stamping on the logo- They all fine with us. If you need to rise customer’s interests in buying more in the future, print them inside also, the logo and slogan there. Do like Biutherm do, you can also make your packaging surprising and looks professional. ⑥Stroboskope packaging boxes custom packaging boxes Conrad is a Germany based Stroboskope manufacturer, sold their products all around the world. This box is not special, tuck top snap bottom shape, with normal 3 ply corrugated fiberboard as material. Stroboskope packaging boxes is one of our featured products, same as custom LED buld packaging boxes. ⑦Motion light sensor packaging boxes custom packaging design Lutron is light sensor manufacturer, sell their products on Amazon, Target and Bestbuy. This box is a tray with sleeve shape, double layer cardboard protection for products. Also, you can see the tray is an unique structure, half-round finger hole able to provide a fast way opening boxes. ⑧Mini digital speaker packaging boxes custom printed packaging This is one of high quality custom packaging boxes, plastic lamination after printing is surely needed. Why? reason is that lamination can prevent moisture goes into box inside, then makes the digital speaker broken or out of use. This box is cheap if you buy more than 3,000 thousand pieces. If you are interested in us, we can shape the free set up costs with you! ⑨Home applications packaging boxes custom printed shipping boxes Hills Pty ltd is a Australia & New Zealand’s Leading Value-Adding Distributor. There main business are listed as below:

  • Security and IT solutions
  • Audio Visual solutions
  • Communications & Satellite solutions
  • Health Solutions

You can see most of them relates with high-value added products, so the packaging need to be cost efficient and seems professional. This box made from 300/170/170 gsm cardboard, white outside and inside. 3 color offset printing, matt varnish. 35*15*6 cm size. Also called mailer packaging boxes, easy to fold up and unfold. Shipping flat, storage flat, one kind of high quality custom packaging boxes. ⑩More pictures of high quality custom packaging boxes custom product packaging High quality custom packaging boxes with dividers. custom retail packaging High quality custom packaging boxes with lids custom shipping boxes Siren packaging boxes, pantone blue printing. CUSTOM underwear packaging boxes Men’s underwear packaging boxes, custom underwear packaging boxes. Laundry Sorter packaging box Laundry sorter packaging box with hang hole personalized boxes personalized packaging boxes Small display box, custom display box, high quality display boxes

What quality can be called high quality packaging boxes?

Firstly, you should know box strength test and stacking strength. Stacking strength refers to the storage of corrugated boxes stored in the warehouse under static pressure stacking, that is about to collapse before the load can withstand. The stacking strength can be tested by stacking strength experiments, or according to the compressive strength of the test. The load referred to in the stacking strength refers to the lowest level of the carton to bear the load, that is, the lowest stack of stacking strength. Stacking strength and compressive strength, is another important basis for measuring the strength of corrugated boxes, in modern transport and packaging design, stacking strength is more meaningful and practical value. The test score higher, the better quality of carton it is.