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What is shelf-ready packaging

Shelf-ready packaging is a kind of retail packaging, made from cardboard boxes. Walmart is the first one to give out this opinion Shelf-ready packaging (SRP packaging), in order to reduce costs on packaging and time on folding up a box. From the name you can obtain its function- Received the box it’s ready to put on shelf for display.

Shelf-ready packaging (SRP) refers to the preparation of a product so that it is delivered to a retailer in a ready-to-sell merchandised unit. Products which come in SRP can be easily placed on the shelf without the need for unpacking or repacking. SRP covers all types of packaging designed for the retail outlet. Shelf-ready packaging includes sales support mechanisms in all major distribution channels; “Retail-ready packaging” is a term broadly used to summarize the type of packages produced for retailers shelves.

SRP is synonymous with RRP Retail-ready packaging, or PAV (prêt-à-vendre). Wal-Mart refers to them as PDQ (“Pretty Darn Quick”).

Two kinds of shelf-ready packaging box

  1. The box have perforation cutting line. Before perforated, it’s a regular carton box, shipping to your retailers and they would open the box by perforated line, it will become a custom display box, let’s call it perforated display box.

custom shelf ready boxes Shelf-ready packaging supplier retail product packaging retail packaging

2. The box do not have perforation cutting line but a over-flap head, this head can be folded to the base of the box when you need it become a display box, let’s call it folded display box.

Shelf-ready packaging Shelf-ready packaging boxes with perforation line

Advantages of the Shelf-ready packaging

Why they are being widely used by Walmart and Tesco? The answer is retail products need fast and convenient packaging!

  1. Cost saving- one box two function, it’s a master packaging box  also a shelf display box. Before this Shelf-ready packaging idea came out, they need two individual boxes. 
  2. Fast set-up or folding up. One step of folding the flap or ripped perforation strip off, only take you few seconds.
  3. No need to refill the products once your retailers received the package, the products will stay in their position, just offer a window to let customer see inside products.
  4. The most important is that all of them are flat shipping! what it means? flat boxes can save your storage room and shipping costs. if you have auto glue machine, the box can be directly used in packing products.

Design details of shelf-ready packaging boxes

We mentioned about Paper box and corrugated box perforation, they are the same. When you design, you should know where starting the perforation or where to fold, do not split the logo or art into pieces if you want the display box be promotional. If you select perforated boxes, please add the line with 2mm around between each dot. If you are not sure how to do, contact with shanghai box packing solution team, we should give you professional idea, the box will be opened easily!

layout template of shelf ready packaging boxes

samples for shelf-ready packaging