Drawer Box

What is Drawer box?

Actually there is no real drawer box name exist, but in order to let customer have a better understanding of such box style, we will take the name “ drawer box” for this box shape. So it is also being called rigid slide box or tray with sleeve.

Drawer style boxes are a great way to show off product in store. The box can be left slightly open, either standing up or flat, showing what’s inside the box without removing the lid. One of the most impactful ways to design this box is to have the outer box in a different design and colour to the inner drawer. As an alternative to the outer box this part can be a rigid or even a flat folding sleeve. Usually our clients like to have some kind of compartment inside the boxes. Such as loose or rigid dividers, pop out sections for bottles, or even moulded platforms made from high density foam, covered in foam or velvet or satin.
dieline of drawer box
Die-cutting for paper Drawer box.

Material Application for drawer box

You may confused what kind of material could be used for this drawer box, in order to make you clear about this, we have listed common material combination as below:

  1. 1.1.5mm thick duplex board coated with 157gsm art paper
  2. 2mm thick duplex board coated with 157gsm art paper
  3. 1.5mm/2mm/2.5mm/3mm thick high density board coated with 157gsm art paper
  4. Duplex board/high density board coated with specialty paper.
  5. Virgin paperboard/Ivory board
  6. Kraft paper stock
  7. Corrugated fiberboard (E lute or F flute)

Virgin paper drawer box

Ivory board drawer box

Golden metalic foiled logo, slide from the small side.

Kraft paper drawer Box

Kraft paper drawer Box

Natural brown colour box, thin Kraft paper material.

Duplex board rigid drawer Box

duplex board rigid drawer Box

Yellow specialty paper coated gift box, with embossed logo.

When shall we use drawer box?

Box packing solution team hereby give you some good advice.

  1. When your packaging need to be rigid (drawer box made from 2 layers, inside drawer and outside).
  2. Need to give customer a nice packaging experience, imagine that your customer slide the drawer then see your nice products inside slowly.
  3. Box need to be combined with several inserts such as EVA |EPE | XPE foam, or cardboard insert.

Drawer paper box with dividers

paper drawer box with dividers

The dividers is able to keep inside products in their position.

Drawer paper box with Eva foam

Drawer paper box with Eva foam

High density EVA foam is a good friend with rigid gift box, always make the box looks luxury and professional.

Drawer Paper Box with handle

Drawer Paper Box with handle

Ribbon closure slide box, with decorate ribbon flower on the top.

Free die-cut layout service

Our customer are coming from the worldwide, if your own designer do not have experience in such kind of packaging, just drop an email to us, our design expert would reach you out with requested die-cut template for your artwork finishing. All die-cut design work will be created by Shanghai box packing solution design team.
free die-cut design service

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