Hinged Lid Rigid Box

Hinged Lid Rigid Boxes also called book shape boxes or rigid set-up boxes, from the name you will acknowledge that the box looks like a book, open or close the box like a book. We always make the box with magnet closure, ribbon closure, or sticker closure. it include clamshell rigid boxes, rigid shoulder gift boxes and rigid neck boxes. The lid hinged then it’s able t full cover the base, with a closure, this box style could ve very rigid than your expected!

hinged lid rigid boxes dieline

Shoe gift packaging box with magnet closure. Box dieline template for hinged lid rigid boxes.

Advantages of Hinged Lid Rigid Boxes

  1. Fast opening and closing
  2. Inside display board
  3. 3 pieces box, more durable.
  4. Looks like a gift box

Material apply for Hinged Lid Rigid Boxes

As a kind of rigid gift box, we could apply duplex board and high density board, coated with art paper or specialty paper. with colorful printing and printing finish, the box will be very fancy and looks quality! With years’ experience, box packing solution team has promoted this book shape box for many customers, it’s happy to share with our potential customers. We have calculate that 15 percent of our export order are hinged lid gift boxes, it shows how popular and useful of this box style.

Hinged lid rigid shoulder box

Hinged lid rigid shoulder box

Luxury appearance with black foam lining,SPONGE insert.

Hinged lid hair extension rigid setup boxes

Hinged lid hair extension gift boxes

Hair extension rigid packaging box

Rigid clamshell cardboard box

rigid clamshell cardboard box

We are supplier of DONALD TRUMP’S tower company

Common material combinations are listed as below:

  1. 1.5mm thick duplex board coated with 157gsm art paper
  2. 2mm thick duplex board coated with 157gsm art paper
  3. 1.5mm/2mm/2.5mm/3mm thick high density board coated with 157gsm art paper
  4. Duplex board/high density board coated with specialty paper.

More Real samples for the hinged lid rigid boxes

hinged lid rigid boxes

Book shape gift box packaging, with bended sides.

hinged lid rigid boxes for gift packing
Hinged lid display box for wine and apparel.

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