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Shanghai Box Packing Solution team offers various packaging material for your packaging. We have art paper, Clay Coated News Back, corrugated fiberboard, Duplex board, high density board, ivory board or virgin paperboard. Also we have Kraft paper and specialty paper. It is better to select the material in advance than printing select, the material of paper packaging always determine how the packaging performed. Please click the theme then bring you to the related topic page.

Duplex Board

duplex board

Used for high quality rigid cardboard gift boxes manufacturing, have different size and thickness avaliable, also being used for promotion cards.

Clay Coated News Back

clay coated news back paper CCNB paper

CCNB, used for small paper box, coated with corrugated fiberboard to make colour printed box, also called Grey board or white lined chipboard.

Art Paper

colorful art paper

Glossy and smooth, used for producing paper bags, rigid cardboard gift boxes, magazine printing and paper manual printing.

Kraft Paper Card Stock

kraft paper card stock

Widely used in corrugated fiberboard producing, or directly make it into Kraft paper boxes. Also, some customer select it for paper bag.

Ivory Paper Board

white virgin paperboard ivory board

Also called virgin paper, use for cosmetic packaging boxes, perfume packaging boxes and small device box packaging.

Specialty Paper

specialty paper

Including special texture paper, gold metallic paper, bronze paper, matt black paper and other customized specialty paper.

High Density Board

high density board

Selected as heavy duty cardboard rigid box material, higher quality than duplex board and almost same as wooden board.

Corrugated Fiberboard

corrugated fiberboard

The material of corrugated boxes, also used for cardboard insert and buffer board.

Different paper material have different way of using, but they also can be laminated with each other to get a new material. Such as 2 pieces 250gsm virgin paperboard laminated, then 500gsm virgin paperboard come out. Art paper coated with duplex board, then it is a nice rigid material, with printing, it could be made into rigid cardboard gift boxes. High density board coated with specialty paper, add the printing, it would be very solid gift box, and also unique with special texture. If you have some idea related, please feel free to contact with us. Then our sales represent will give you professional suggestions.

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Like Audi from Volk Swagen, Lexus from Toyota, Shanghai Box Packing Solution team is an individual part of paper packaging manufacturer- Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd. Aim to make customer more clear about what they need, and produce high quality and luxury feeling paper packaging. we custom made the paper packaging from its paper material, printing method, printing finish method, box shape to value-add service. Also, we have design service, create artwork for your paper packaging.
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We offer design service to our customers, include free die-cut design, artwork design and outer packaging design. Please check our packaging design guidance, Also, if you have some more questions, please feel free to livechat with us on the website or visit our FAQ page.

We also offer free box template design for designers, company owners and artist.