Paper Packaging Demonstration

Shanghai Box Packing Solution team located in Shanghai, China, while our customers are around the world. Sometimes we can exchange our paper packaging samples by express, but that takes time. while your packaging is being developed, we need to show you real samples and give you a clear insight on those paper packaging. How can we do? then we create a paper packaging demonstration service to let you view online by video, 3D demonstration draft or livechat by camera.

3D demonstration of paper packaging

No matter it’s a paper box or paper bag, and how big size it is, they still could be showed by a 3D file. we can change the paper packaging size, printing method, printing finish method and cover your artwork on the 3D file for your review. We support 500+ box style 3D demonstration, covering almost every kind of paper boxes, paper bags structure. Below is a 3D demonstration for a complicate display box without artwork.

3D demonstration for corrugated display box

Size change for 3D demonstration

Size change for 3D demonstration

If you need this service, please feel free to contact with us, tell us your requirement, soon you will get our support for free.

Video demonstration from Shanghai Box Packing Solution team

Some customers would like to see our real samples instead of 3D demonstration, so we have Video demonstration service. our demonstration team will cooperate with sales’ requirement and make a revelent sample video, tell you the printing, paper material and structure information, bring you to feel how the box perform well, also give you good suggestions. Below are some video demonstration samples, we can customize them from your need. Please visit out official website on YOUTUBE to view more products from us.

Perfume Packaging box demonstration.

Luxury Chocolate Packaging box demonstration.

Hang tab paper box with plastic window demonstration.

Clamshell rigid cardboard gift box demonstration.

Car perfume packaging bag paper box demonstration.

Tuck top snap bottom box demonstration.

Foldable corrugated box mailer box demonstration.

Gable top box carrier box demonstration.

Tuck top auto bottom box demonstration.

Straight tuck end box for nutrition supplement demonstration.

Table game packaging box demonstration.

Tea packaging box demonstration.

Livechat by camera

We spare no effort to make our customers and potential customers more clear of the box we are selling and customers going to purchase. In order to reach that goal, all of our sales have Skype online, Whats app online and other livechat tools online, we accept any working time video show to you. You can ask questions to us and we introduce real samples to you. This page will be updated with the market change, if any new tools come out, we shall use it! feel free to contact with us now.

Featured Clients

The featured clients of box packing solution team.

Who We Are

Like Audi from Volk Swagen, Lexus from Toyota, Shanghai Box Packing Solution team is an individual part of paper packaging manufacturer- Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd. Aim to make customer more clear about what they need, and produce high quality and luxury feeling paper packaging. we custom made the paper packaging from its paper material, printing method, printing finish method, box shape to value-add service. Also, we have design service, create artwork for your paper packaging.
Why we are?
1. Fast repond time
2. Various paper packaging manufactur experience
3. Advanced printing machine
4. Money back guarantee policy

Design & Support

We offer design service to our customers, include free die-cut design, artwork design and outer packaging design. Please check our packaging design guidance, Also, if you have some more questions, please feel free to livechat with us on the website or visit our FAQ page.

We also offer free box template design for designers, company owners and artist.