PET | PVC Window

Description of PET / PVC window on box

The plastic window plays with an important role in paper packaging industry, the function is let customer see the products inside and adds some features to packaging. In Box Packing Solution team, you can choose PVC window and PET window for your box packaging. The position of the plastic window could be in middle, side or end of the box, on one side or across the box body. The thickness range from 0.1 millimeter to 20 millimeter.

PVC Sheet

PVC sheet

Pure clear, high quality and durable, used for box with display window.

PET Sheet

PET sheet

A little soft plastic window material, with few milk colour, avoid sunshine.

PVC window

PVC is short for Polyvinyl Chloride. After making to sheet, the advantage and disadvantage of PVC are: 1.PVC only for window, has a special plastic smell, not good for food packaging. 2.Cheap than other plastic material window. 3.Easy to be stick with glue, then it’s good to stick them with the paper box. 4.Easy to be weak when on the folding line after multi folds.

Dates packing box with top window

Dates packing box with top window

Thin PVC window laminated on corrugated mailer boxes

Bulb packaging box with PVC window

LED bulb packaging box with PVC window

Thin PET window, to see the LED bulb directly from outside.

Pillow box with PVC window

pillow box with PVC window

In the middle of the box, makes the box elegant and fashion.

Pink corrugated box with top window

pink corrugated box with top window

Cube plastic window on corrugated carton box

Magnet closure gift box with window

Magnet closure gift packaging box with window

Hinged lid book shape rigid box, to pack underwear.

Long corrugated box with PVC window

Long corrugated box with PVC window around

Box connect with PVC window, customized printing accepted.

Notes before using PVC window

1.There is no food direct contact with window. 2.Total PVC window scale no more than 50% of the whole box, or the box structure would be bad. 3.Keep the window clean, or your package seems dirty. 4.PVC window never drop off from the paper box.

PET window

Different from PVC window, the PET is short for Polyethylene terephthalate, have a better quality and eco-friendly performance. The features of PET window are: 1.Higher price 2.Eco-friendly, good transparent quality, odorless. 3.Light weight, easy to clean. 4.More durable than other plastic material.

Box with pet window two sides

Box with PET window two sides

Box with hang tab and plastic window, then half of the box could be display to customers.

Hang tab box with PET window

Hang tab box with PET window

Virgin paper board box, for electronic device.

Fast food box with plastic window

Fast food box with plastic window

Take way food packaging, for dessert or fast food.

Note before using PET window

1.If the window across more than one side of the box, please note that there should be a pre-fold line on the window for a better folding. 2.The price is around 50% higher than normal PVC window. 3.Not able to stick with yellow glue, which will damage the elements of PET.

Why choose us for the PET / PVC window supplier?

Box packing solution team have made a report that around 39% of our customer will need open window for the box, all of them choose us to supply the window, we have below advantages: 1.Together with the box/bag producing, we will make a better quality check on window position, window thickness and stick process. 2.We have a 600 square meter dust-free workshop, this will keep the PET / PVC window away from dust. 3.Several times quality check before any products leave our factory.

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