100% Recycled Two Piece Lift-off lid Printed Tube

Focus Features:

  • Oil coating on the tube, fully recycled cardboard
  • Two-piece style tube
  • Tiny size but perfect for small product packaging
  • Fully customizable


Our client has a strong focus on using eco-friendly recycled materials and packaging their products without plastic, while also avoiding solvent-based adhesives in favor of aqueous-based ones.

We offer two options for using recyclable materials in our packaging. The first is to use FSC paper, for which we are a certified manufacturer. FSC paper is made from 100% recycled material, but the price is double that of normal material.

The second option is to use a surface treatment with oil varnish instead of a lamination film. The tube used for packing waxed wrap comes in a two-piece style, with a top lid and bottom base, both of which are wrapped in custom printed art paper on the outside. The inside of the lift-off lid printed tube is white without any printing. The top lid is shorter than the bottom, making it easier to lift off the lid to open the tube, and it also shows a part of the neck of the bottom base color, which looks great.

The top and bottom outside have round rolled edges, and the inside opening is smooth without a rolled edge. The tube has a consistent diameter from the opening to the bottom inside.

Further details include the fact that it is made from 100% recycled material, is plastic-free, and printed with environmentally-friendly ink. We offer two different designs, one in green and the other in pink. The interior size is 5cm in diameter and 5cm in height. If you would like to check the quality, you can request a stock sample and pay the shipping cost of USD 40 by FedEx or UPS. We will return the cost to you when you place a bulk order with us.

Each tube is packed with a polybag to prevent dust and moisture during shipping.