2 Pieces Black Rigid Setup Box

Focus Features:

  • White printing on the black box
  • Spot UV varnish of logo
  • Custom shape cardboard insert, folding paperboard material.
  • Fully covering lid
  • Made from sustainable material only
  • Matte texture coating
Let’s Customize It Now!
Product Video


The box was designed for a music studio in China. They put different album CDs, magazines, and a small shooting device into. To place them into position, we create the cardboard insert for it, and then the devices will be secured. The studio company website theme color is white and black, and then we get inspired to make the box only two colors. It’s a black background and white text. However, the white text is not shiny in the studio, so we add a layer of spot UV varnish.

This 2 Pieces Black Rigid Setup Box is fully customizable, if you feel interested in, contact us to be the first one today!

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