2 Pieces Black Rigid Setup Box

Focus Features:

  • White printing on the black box
  • Spot UV varnish of logo
  • Custom shape cardboard insert, folding paperboard material.
  • Fully covering lid
  • Made from sustainable material only
  • Matte texture coating


The box was designed for a music studio in China. It was created to hold different album CDs, magazines, and a small shooting device. To keep these items in place, a custom cardboard insert was designed to secure the devices. The studio’s website theme colors are white and black, which inspired us to create a box that features only two colors: black for the background and white for the text. To enhance the text’s appearance, we added a layer of spot UV varnish.

This 2-piece black rigid setup box is fully customizable. If you’re interested, please contact us to be the first to know about our offerings.