3D Effect Christmas Gift Packaging Gift Box

Focus Features:

  • 3D effect card holder box
  • Lift-off lid, fully covering
  • Custom printed
  • A sustainable material, FSC certified.
Let’s Customize It Now!


This 3D effect Christmas gift packaging gift Box is made of core cardboard material, wrapped in art paper, with a gorgeous printed pattern, and a three-dimensional cartoon paper card sculpture on the lid. The whole surface of the box is covered with matte film, which is waterproof and scratch-resistant. Various design printing support customers with multiple design solutions for one order.

The colors are gorgeous, the color registration is accurate, the die-cutting position is specific, and the full-printed patterns give consumers a festive atmosphere. The inner box is white overall, clean and elegant, used to highlight the product itself. The box shape is convenient for customers to open, which is in line with the standard box shape of Christmas gift boxes.

We can print according to the design draft of the customer, or help the customer to do the design, and provide free 3D renderings and die-cut template to let the customer understand the packaging more clearly. Separate five-layer kraft paper packaging to ensure product delivery is intact.

The bulk production delivery period is generally between 10 and 15 days, and the sample lead time is seven days. If you need a rush order, we will arrange production reasonably and complete the quality and quantity. We are a one-stop service, dedicated customer service responsible for you to the end.

Useful Information