3D Effect Christmas Season Apparel Packaging Box

Focus Features:

  • Partial covering lift-off lid
  • Transparent PVC window
  • 1600gsm greyboard made
  • Specialty paper coating
  • 3D effect under the box window


This 3D effect Christmas season apparel packaging box sounds like a great way to enhance the Christmas shopping experience for customers. The use of a strong two-millimeter gray board and specialty paper with a vertical surface pattern shows a commitment to quality, while the cover & base box style and 3D paper-plastic patterns provide a unique and eye-catching design.

The inclusion of raffia paper silk inside the box also adds to the festive and romantic atmosphere, and the option to customize the customer’s LOGO and choose from a range of colors shows a willingness to meet individual needs. Additionally, the separate PE bag and five-layer reinforced corrugated kraft paper box for outer packaging show a commitment to protecting the product during transportation.

It’s great to see that the company offers different options for sample proofing, and that the delivery time is 7 to 12 days, with the ability to expedite if necessary. Overall, it seems like a high-end Christmas gift box that could help increase sales and customer satisfaction during the holiday season.