3D Effect Christmas Season Apparel Packaging Box

Focus Features:

  • Partial covering lift-off lid
  • Transparent PVC window
  • 1600gsm greyboard made
  • Specialty paper coating
  • 3D effect under the box window
Let’s Customize It Now!


This 3D effect Christmas season apparel packaging box is made of a two-millimeter gray board, plus special paper with a vertical surface pattern. The overall quality is high, and its strength is significant. Cover & Base box style, the cover is carefully designed with hollow, embedded with 3D paper-plastic patterns. The Christmas main body is visible.

It can give consumers unlimited beautiful longing, have not yet opened the box, and feel the surprise. Other colors are printed inside the box to give customers a sense of hierarchy, and the interior is filled with raffia paper silk to increase the romantic atmosphere of surprise. It is a high-end Christmas gift box with high ornamental value.

The texture of the specialty paper gives the product a new life. There are many colors to choose from, and the customer LOGO can also be customized. The outer packaging adopts a five-layer reinforced corrugated kraft paper box, the inner packaging is individual for each single Xmas box, and it has a separate PE bag. We have high-quality transportation channels, direct door-to-door service, whether it is air or sea, the price must be the best. Delivery time is 7 to 12 days, can be expedited.

Sample Proofing can choose digital proofing/machine proofing / no printing proofing, a variety of price ladders to meet your various requirements.

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