Apparel Drawer Box

Focus Features:

  • Elegant milk-white color, black borderline, and text printing.
  • Sliding base and cover structure add a mystery feel to the customer before open the package.
  • Thick cardboard 2mm thick, cotton pull-out string.
  • They were packed into carton boxes, no any damage while shipping.
  • Worldwide delivery service.

Design Tips for Apparel Drawer Box

Slide boxes are two-piece boxes where the box slides out sideways from the cover. They are widely used for apparel packing, and the apparel drawer box makes it possible to protect apparel well and add value to your brand. The most crucial step is to get a good box structure and an excellent design. But how? Here are some points:

  1. Emphasize the color of the product packaging design. More than 80% of information comes from vision. The grasp and application of the packaging color can directly reflect specific characteristics of the inner item, and this kind of product is likely to become the buyer’s preferred product.
  2. Use visual color according to the original color of the product or the attributes of the product. For food packaging such as cake snacks, yellow, tea, coffee, whiskey, beer, and other beverages are mostly brown, and lemon shampoo packaging in cosmetics is designed as lemon yellow. The use of the product’s color itself in the reproduction of the packaging color is the most representative of the homology of the object, thus giving the impression of a basic concept of the inner object. However, some product packaging designs boldly use color contrast to achieve better and more exotic effects. If not well mastered, it will be counterproductive.
  3. Design the packaging structure based on the protection, convenience, essential functions, and functional conditions of the packaging. The external and internal structure of the packaging should be designed based on scientific principles. The excellent structural design should effectively protect goods, consider convenience of use, carrying, display, and shipping, and provide functions such as reusability and presentation of contents.
  4. Consider the overall style of the product packaging design. Different categories of products appeal to consumers differently, and their design style must be suitable for the product’s requirements. High-end goods have a different value from low-end goods, and functional or pharmaceutical products are significantly different from daily-use edible products in overall style. The overall style and product appeal of functional products and drugs should be rational, giving consumers a sense of trust. For food and daily necessities, emotional appeal is the mainstay. We are convinced that packaging is a powerful means of building product and consumer affinity. Today, with economic globalization, packaging and commodities have integrated. As a means of realizing the value of goods and the value of use, packaging plays a vital role in the fields of production, distribution, sales, and consumption.

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