Apparel Rigid Gift Box and Thank You Card

Focus Features:

  • Telescope shape (top and bottom style)
  • Inside and outside printing
  • Thank you card made from thickly coated paperboard, easy to write, and against color fading.
  • Can be packed into a custom made paper bag
  • Stackable in master carton box, packed with a single plastic bag.

The Advantage of Telescope Packaging Box Style

  1. The telescope packaging box style has a beautiful and affordable design, making it the most advantageous over other box types. Its simple structure and dense pattern make it easy to form standardization during actual production. The standardization allows for the replacement of labor with semi-automatic and fully automatic equipment, reducing the cost of human resources. Mechanization is more efficient and valuable than human resources today. On the other hand, magnetic rigid boxes and book shape rigid boxes cannot be operated like this because of their complicated processes, and the products produced by fully electronic products are not as useful. Though complete Mechanization is impossible, cost is a priority worldwide.

  2. The telescope packaging box style has a full range of overall visual impact from the way of opening, making it ideal for gift giving. Its opening method can create a full range of visual impact, deepening the consumer’s perception and expectation of the product. If the product is impactful in design, then choosing a heaven and earth gift box is a wise decision. Moreover, the main sales channels of the products are primarily shelf display, including supermarkets, specialty stores, beauty salons, etc. Plus, consultancy marketing can place products on shelves, and the telescope packaging box style is easy to open. This feature is significantly advantageous in display, and in marketing, it is more convenient for marketing consultants to sell, which can effectively improve the timeliness of sales and promote sales. Therefore, many high-end gift boxes are adopting this telescope packaging box style.

The Telescope Packaging Box Style and Cosmetic Industry

Because of its easy-to-display characteristics, the telescope packaging box style is especially suitable for the cosmetics and beauty industry. First of all, the cosmetics and beauty industry has many products in the industry. If they are single items, the joint rate is not high, so their favorite thing to do is to make a series. The products are used for marketing, and the suits are very particular about matching and aesthetics as one of the marketing means. A gift box may need to be opened hundreds of times a day. The convenience is essential. Seeing products, increasing the space of one-to-many, plus matching paper bags, instantly let your products go from marketing to grades in one place. This is something that local products, nutritious breakfast, and fast-moving consumer goods industry will not choose. Not only is the price gap, but this is also closely related to their sales model.

This apparel rigid gift box and thank you card is customizable in size and printing. Contact us to turn it with your design.