Description of printing varnish | Aqueous coating

Shanghai Box Packing Solution team is a professional and reliable China manufacturer of AQ coating and varnishing on printed papers. Varnish also referred to as oil varnish or Aqueous Coating (AQ coating). It is a process that the oil being widely distributed on the printed surface. The aim is to prevent the printed paper from scratch and sticker with each other. At box packing solution team, we have advanced oil coating machine that finishes printing and varnish at the same time. The oil is water-based. Some customer may request Moisture resistant oil.

Advantages of Aqueous Coating

1. Fast dry
2. Water-based
3. Professional look and quality

Difference between glossy and matt AQ coating (Oil Varnish)

Paper with glossy varnish

paper with glossy varnish

CCNB paper with glossy varnish | AQ coating.

Virgin paperboard with matt varnishing

virgin paperboard with matt Aqueous Coating

White virgin paperboard coated with matt varnish | AQ coating.

Same as plastic lamination, there is not different on the advantage of aqueous coating, just different appearance, and feeling. If you need your paper packaging seems young and gloss, you need to go with glossy aqueous varnish (AQ coating), if you need them to be luxury and heavy, then just select matt aqueous coating (matt aqueous varnish).

Difference between Aqueous coating and plastic lamination

1. Aqueous coating is cheaper than plastic lamination
2. AQ coating dry slower, meanwhile, plastic lamination works immediately.
3. The appearance will be more gloss or matt when you choose plastic lamination instead of AQ coating.
4. Plastic lamination is water-resist. AQ coating does not have this function, mostly you can choose Moisture resistant oil.
5. Printing ink protection will last longer when you choose plastic lamination.

Applications of Glossy & Matt varnish (glossy | matt Aqueous coating)

Aqueous coating cosmetic box packaging

Aqueous coated cosmetic box packaging.

beer carrier with glossy AQ coating

Beer carrier with glossy AQ coating.

cardboard tray paper display box with Aqueous Coating

Cardboard tray paper display box.

matt oil varnishing sliding box

Matt oil varnishing sliding box.

Aqueous Coating rigid cardboard cosmetic packaging box

Rigid cardboard cosmetic packaging box.

glossy oil varnish gift card magazine printing

Glossy oil varnish gift card magazine printing.

Box packing solution team belongs to Shanghai Custom Packaging Co, Ltd, has applied AQ coating in a different kind of paper packaging, if you are interested in, please feel free to reach our sales engineer.