Description of art paper

Art paper is one kind of coated paper, in order to improve whiteness, smoothness, and gloss of the paperboard. Paperweight with gram varies from 70 to 250 g/m2, being applied for offset printed paper boxes, magazine, illustrated books and brochures.

The advantage of coated paper is with high smooth and a glossy coated side surface, with highly flexible and short time water-resistant ability. The smoothness of paperboard is particularly important when it is used for printing, the smoother the paperboard, the better the image quality, due to better ink coverage.

The art paper always being classified by single side coated (C1S) and double side coated (C2S). Box Packing solution team apply this paper to high-quality printing magazine and brochure printing. As well as wrapping paper material for Cardboard | Rigid Gift Box surface paper coating and luxury paper bag producing.

Applications of art paper

Magazine Made of Paperweight 70~140 gsm

Art paper magazine

Perfect binding magazine printing, art paper makes the magazine shiny and durable.

Magazine Made of Coated Paperweight 70~140 gsm

Art paper made magazine

Black printed, with correct blood cutting area.

There are several types of coated paper could be used for brochure printing. Usually, we take double-side art paper for making brochure and magazine. The printing surface of this type of paperboard is quite smooth and glossy, is the most common paper material used for booklet printing. It makes the finished products come out with super glossy and eye-catching. Should note the art paper can’t stand high moisture. When being long-term stored in the high humidity environment, it will generate mildew. Likewise, it should avoid being exposed to the blazing sun from damage.

Booklet Made of Coated Paperweight 70~157 gsm

Art paper made brochure

Double-sided offset printing, with plastic lamination, avoid moisture.

Brochure Made of Art Paper Weight 70~157 gsm

Art paper made brochures

Glossy varnished art paper material for the brochure, A4 size per page.

The most popular and fashion way to make brochure is with 300gsm high-grade art paper for the cover, then finish with cold matte lamination. For inside pages, double side printed with 200gsm art paper, treated with hot matte lamination. Perfect binding with glue instead of wire. The booklet finished in this way will have top grade hand feeling and fashionable design.

157~200 gsm Coated Paper Use to Wrap Rigid Box

Art paper made rigid box

A kind of hinged lid box style, The printed paper is art paper, coated on duplex board.

157~200 gsm Art Paper Use to Wrap Rigid Gift Box

Art paper made rigid gift box

Top and bottom shape, white inside with outside CMYK printed, the thickness of duplex paperboard are 2mm.

Due to the smooth surface and well printing property, in the paper packaging industry, the 157gsm art coated paper is widely being used as wrapping paper for rigid cardboard paper gift boxes. After it is well printed with colorful artwork, then wrap it out of the thicker duplex paperboard, to form a pretty and fashion gift box.

157~200 gsm Art Paper Made Paper Bag

Art paper made paper bag

Paper shopping bag, we are the supplier of Haier company, the bags are used for gifting.

157~200 gsm Art Coated Paper Made Paper Bag

Art paper made paper bags

A kind of Oliva packaging bag can bear 30KGS max, with reinforced bag bottom.

Art paper is also the best material for paper bags, no matter shopping bag or gift bag. Box Packing Solution team normally apply 157gms and 250gsm for the luxury paper bag.
The surface finish on art paper could be glossy and matt comes in oil varnishing as well as plastic film lamination, so does UV varnishing, hot foil stamping and embossing. Both CMYK flexo printing and offset printing are suitable for art paper.