BBQ Blower Corrugated Packaging Boxes

Focus Features:

  • Outside and interior white color can be double side printed
  • Snap bottom style, fast set-up time
  • B flute cardboard material, able to hold 30lbs
  • Full-color printing, more than 98% real than the original artwork
  • More options accepted according to your requirements.
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The Must-Do Ideas of BBQ Blower Corrugated Packaging Box

This Perfect BBQ draft blower comes from Texas, USA. Its weight is 10KGS in total and made from steel. Considering its importance and unique shape, we are considering developing a rigid corrugated box for our customers. Moreover, the box needs to be ship around the USA, and then we should make it as small as possible, to save shipping costs for the customer. After all, this regular slotted box comes out, with a snap-lock bottom. The reason we made it white interior instead of brown is that it enhances brand appearance. White should be more elegant than brown.

Create A Box Design For My BBQ Blower Packaging

Since this box style comes from the regular slotted carton box, you just need to revise bottom flaps to Snap lock bottom. Don’t know what to do? Just click this link and lead you to the page. Have no idea? Just write to us, we will help you! This BBQ Blower Corrugated Packaging box is only a demonstration sample box, and printing will finally be changed to yours.

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