Belt Cardboard Packaging Tube

Focus Features:

  • Perfect fitting a belt, reinforced tube cardboard.
  • Print whatever you want on the tube lid, bottom, or even its inside.
  • Customized size for different size of the belt
  • Stackable on shelf or countertop display.

What is Cardboard Packaging Tube?

Cardboard Packaging Tube is a tube shape packaging made of paper. This belt cardboard packaging tube used to be packed into a corrugated box, but get more impressive after using the tube packaging.

Classified according to the purpose of application (what is to be packed inside ) At present, there are many more on the market, which can be divided into tea paper cans, food paper cans, wine paper cans, written paper cans, calendar paper cans and so on. Among them, wine paper cans are ordinary, paper cans are attached to the standard, and the appearance is exquisite so that the wine can not help but rise to a grade, many of the most famous wines are selected in paper cans. Moreover, pearl cotton is added to the paper can, and styrofoam has an excellent protective effect on the wine.

There are many packaging paper cans on the market. Their style, weight, hardness, and so on are different. For specific reasons, you must first understand the materials used in the production of cardboard tubes and cardboard cylinders. Among the paper materials, the commonly used paperboard for making cartons are a white paper, yellow paper, and swatch paper. In the packaging of the product, there are many coated whiteboard papers, and corrugated paper is used in part to increase the pressure resistance of the paper can.