Bespoke Magnetic Box For CBD Cartridges

Focus Features:

  • V-shape-cut magnetic flap
  • EVA foam insert with cardboard cushion
  • Matt coating finish
  • The box made from 2mm thick rigid cardboard
  • Spot UV glossy
  • Custom cut-out insert to fit the CBD Cartridges


The Bespoke Magnetic Box for CBD Cartridges is made from 2mm thick duplex cardboard, which provides durability and sturdiness to the box. Additionally, we add a custom cut-out foam inside the box to securely hold the cartridges in place. We offer customization of both the inside and outside of the box based on the customer’s preferences. The “V-shape” cut-out of the box adds to its visual appeal, making it a unique packaging solution for CBD cartridges.

No matter the size requirements, we can accommodate them, whether big or small. Our general lead time for producing a custom magnetic closure box is 12 days, and we also offer a deliver-to-door service to meet your timeline and handle the import process on your behalf.