The Best UAE Packaging Services for You

Packaging Design, Packaging Producing, Packaging Mockups service- All included in UAE Packaging Service.

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By Michael Wang- Marketing Assistant of Shanghai BPS

1. How does packaging services get imported

When you want to “wear” your products with a nice “clothes”, you will need a custom packaging boxes, then you will need to find a good packaging service provider. Packaging Service is important, with a good packaging partner, you can gain much experiences and short your sourcing time.

The advantages of carton packaging: First: Recyclable, environmentally friendly, after the box is removed, the carton can be used twice, can be loaded with other items, no pollution, and more environmentally friendly. Second: high efficiency, carton packaging production speed is higher than other packaging, production cycle is short and similar packaging. Third: light weight, foldable, and the addition of its items during transportation to reduce the total weight, the cost of transportation of goods is reduced. Fourth, the printing is exquisite, the name of the printing company on the packaging, and the beautification of the packaging design to achieve the effect of publicity. You can also print “fragile items”, “not trampled”, “greening environment”, etc., to protect the items from damage.

2. How is uAE packaging industry as of date

According to the latest market report from foreign media, the packaging industry in UAE has achieved an annual growth rate of 15%. Between 2011 and 2015, food consumption is expected to grow at an annual rate of 4.6%, eventually reaching 51.1 million metric tons. Driven by demand for food packaging, the need for safety and sustainable packaging solutions is growing. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia accounts for 70% of the packaging market in the Gulf countries.

When the Saudi market showed a strong interest in using plastics in the packaging industry as raw materials, Saudi Arabia won the right to host the 11th International Trade Printing and Packaging Technology Exhibition in 2014 to showcase its latest packaging technology and machinery. And the availability of regional markets. During the same period, from February 17th to 20th, the 11th International Plastics and Petrochemical Trade Fair in Saudi Arabia was held at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition is the largest market for plastics, petrochemicals, printing and packaging in the Middle East.

Aier, deputy general manager of Riyadh Exhibitions, said: “In recent years, there have been some changes in the global printing and packaging industry, which have brought new challenges and opportunities. The changes in packaging concepts and procedures caused by new technologies and innovative products will be this time. Exhibited at the show.”

“This year, the exhibition will also emphasize the growing demand for green technologies. We also have special zones dedicated to environmentally friendly products and technologies. In addition, this year’s Saudi Packaging and Printing Exhibition has 6 seminars to introduce exhibitors to their latest products and innovations. Technology, which will help to update the local market with the most modern trends and excellent products.” Aer concluded.

3. How to grow packaging business in uae

  1. UAE have a lot of fruit companies, vegetable companies, shower gel companies and high tech companies which are in big demand of packaging boxes and bags. You need to contact with them, there should be a chance.
  2. Recent years, UAE dates packaging demand has grown up a lot since UAE dates has became more and more famous. Take a note here.
  3. Trying to combine network AD and Display AD together to win more customers, and make your brand well-known.
  4. Cooperate with design house, their customers would be your customers.

4. How other countries like china can help strengthen dubai and uae packaging business

In some ways, China is the biggest business partner of UAE countries and Dubai. Let me tell you a way to establish a good packaging company in UAE and Dubai.

The key is importing the packaging products and re-sell to your customers. No matter you are trading company or a source agent, taking advantage of chinese low manufacturing cost always be a good choice. You will need to travel to China, and meet with several manufacturers, to make sure they can meet your wide range requests on packaging products.

ALIBABA is a good tool, with tons of suppliers online waiting for your email.

The price difference or commisions would be your nice profit margin.

Like working with a famous custom box manufacturer- Shanghai BPS, You will gain a lot of experience, enjoy win-win-principle.

5. Future of the middle east industrial box packaging

To sumerize, the middle east industrial box packaging market will grow strongly in 2019, and it will keep 10% upcoming in speed.