Big Size Cardboard Tube For Packing University Congratulations Gifts

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Big Size Cardboard Tube For Packing University Congratulations Gifts, this paper tube is very long, used for packaging some celebration products or certificates. The inner diameter of the paper tube is 6.5 cm, and the height of the paper tube is 86 cm. Of course, we can customize the size of the paper tube according to your actual needs to achieve the role of packaging.

There are many silver foil stamps around the paper tube, which looks more professional. The paper tube is mainly composed of three colors, white, blue, and red. It is an academic style, suitable for packaging graduation certificates, graduation maps, graduation greeting cards, and other products ideal for graduates.

The paper tube uses FSC certified paper, which is environmentally friendly, recyclable, and reusable. For the environmental health of our planet, we insist on using environmentally friendly paper to make packaging products.

The structure of the paper tube is crimped, which can make the paper tube look more beautiful because the gray inner core is covered. The tube body is composed of two layers, which can increase the pressure resistance and protect the product from damage.

We have many years of experience in the production of paper tubes. If you need customization, please write to us immediately. Paper tube size, printing, and material can be customized.

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