Big Size Cardboard Tube For Packing University Congratulations Gifts

Focus Features:

  • Foil stamping in silver color
  • Customized size
  • Detachable lid
  • Sustainable material
  • Wide range of usage


Big Size Cardboard Tube for Packing University Congratulations Gifts. This paper tube is perfect for packaging celebration products or certificates. It has an inner diameter of 6.5 cm and a height of 86 cm, but we can customize the size according to your needs.

The paper tube is adorned with silver foil stamps, which give it a professional look. It has a classic academic style, with white, blue, and red colors that make it suitable for packaging graduation certificates, maps, greeting cards, and other products for graduates.

We use FSC-certified paper for the tube, which is environmentally friendly, recyclable, and reusable. At our company, we prioritize the use of eco-friendly materials to protect the health of our planet.

The crimped structure of the paper tube enhances its appearance by covering the gray inner core. The tube body is made of two layers, providing extra pressure resistance and ensuring that the product remains undamaged during transport.

We have years of experience in producing paper tubes, and we’re ready to customize them to meet your requirements. You can choose the tube size, printing, and material to create the perfect packaging solution for your products. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!