Black Perfume Bottle Packaging Box with Inserts

Focus Features:

  • Made from 2mm thick greyboard and 200gsm black paperboard stock
  • UV varnished logo on top center
  • Fully recycled cardboard, friendly to the environment.
  • Magnetic closure system
  • Insert made from virgin paperboard, laminated with a foam fabric.
  • Black specialty paperboard material, frosted touch-feeling.
  • White paperboard laminate with a fabric insert, cut into dividers to fit perfume bottle.
  • Multiple magnets are hidden into box flap and body to secure the box.
Let’s Customize It Now!
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Special Inner Tray

When talking about Black Perfume Bottle Packaging Box with Inserts, we need to take a look at this special inner tray. It’s made from cardboard with laminated foam fabric. Why do this? If we only made a cardboard insert, it seems simple, not good to go with perfume. Even you print the cardboard to black, and it still can’t beat foam fabric lamination.

UV on Black Rigid Box

Some customer is wondering if the UV is black itself, the answer is no. Even there is black UV, but mostly we use transparent UV, reflect the box color, then UV seems to be colored. For this Black Perfume Bottle Packaging Box with Inserts, UV is transparent and appears black.

You may notice that the full box being covered by black paperboard, right? It’s based on customer’s requirements, and sometimes our sales will suggest this. Want to start creating your box? Feel free to contact with us, and A free template is ready for you to put on artwork.

Make Rigid Box Like Cardboard Showcase

The box is different from the cardboard showcase, and they have different appearances and functions. But working with Shanghai BPS, you can get them mixed in one packaging, it means that we can help you combine advantages of two random packaging style. Like this black perfume bottle packaging box with inserts, it’s a rigid box combine with a display box by adding a customized paperboard insert. This is three pieces of perfume bottle packaging, and we can also make it to 30 parts by creating more holes and layers. When your customer opens the box, products show to them, that’s a good experience, isn’t it?

Customized Logo To Enhance Your Brand Visibility

The sample box is a print with a logo by UV varnish, straightforward but not simple. We are flexible in more options, depends on your request. Such as embossed log, hot foil stamped logo, and Metallic printed logo, and laser printed logo. You can purchase blank boxes, but at least you need to attach a logo on the box by stickers. Logo can make the customers remember you and give you more reorder customers.

Working with Shanghai BPS, you will get a lot of advice, we are the packaging expert around you!

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