Black Texture Raphe Rigid Box With Paper Sleeve

Focus Features:

  • Textured paper
  • Extra protective box sleeve
  • foam insert
  • Hinged neck lid
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Description Of Black Texture Raphe Rigid Box With Paper Sleeve

This is a telescoping gift box with a sleeve outside, and the box is also called Raphe Rigid Box. It has three-piece to consist, the top lid, bottom base, and an inner piece neck.

The lid and bottom are wrapped with black texture paper, and the texture is a diamond pattern. It looks luxurious and touches embossed. The inner neckpiece is glued together to the base piece, wrapped with black paper, and the inside is wrapped with black paper.

We customized a black EPE foam for the inside insert, and our customer shipped the outlet to us to make the insert fitting the goods very well. If you do not want to ship the product to us, you can send the specification too.

The box outside has a paper board sleeve, printing black and top with silver hot foiling LOGO, the sleeve can close the box not pull out during shipping. The sleeve is not cover the whole box, and it is bigger than half of the box length.

You can see part of the box diamond pattern. You can also cover all of the boxes if the box is bigger. You can not be printed on the box, printing all the information on the sleeve to save the printing charge.


The box material is a 1mm thickness greyboard with special texture paper.

The black texture raphe rigid box with paper sleeve can be used for electronic products, digital products, and small gifts.

The inside insert can be an EVA foam or cardboard insert.

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