Electric Blanket Packaging Box

In this article, we will introduce you to a printed blanket packaging box that we supplied in the domestic market for the electric blanket.

Single Wall E-Flute Corrugated Board As Material For Blanket Packaging Box

E Flute Corrugated Blanket Packaging Box
e-flute corrugated blanket packaging box

The material of this box is made from a single wall E-flute corrugated board, consisting of 250gsm duplex board as surface paper, 140gsm corrugating medium, and 170gsm brown kraft inside. The surface paper duplex board is available for offset printing. E-flute is very suiting to produce packaging boxes for retailing products and small item boxes. The thickness of the E-flute we Box Packing Solution use is approximately 2mm. It is a very thin, nearly flat corrugated board sheet.

Colorful Nylon Handle For The Blanket Box

Nylon Handle Details Of Blanket Packaging Box
Nylon handle details of the blanket packaging box

You may realize this blanket packaging box is designed to have a nylon handle to make it easier to carry. During the box making process, people often have the idea to make a carton box to become a carrier box. Some would apply the handles to the box, the nylon handle is the very normal one. The other handles have leather handles, PP handles, paper handles, etc., you can check more information about our handles here.

The Snap-Lock Bottom and Buckles of Blanket Packaging Box

The top closure is designed with a double buckle on one side of the full overlap top. It makes the closure to be sealed more tightly. The bottom of the blanket packaging box is a typical snap lock structure, it’s also known as 123 boxes, as it can be easily folded in 3 steps without using any glue. Please don’t confuse it with the auto lock bottom box, they are different structures. You can learn more about paper box structure and styles on our website.

Blanket Carrier Box With Double Buckle Closure

Blanket Carrier Box With Double Buckle Closure

blanket carrier box with double buckles closure
Snap Bottom Blanket Packaging Box
Unfolded Blanket Packaging Box With Offset Printing

Electric Blanket Packaging Box With Nylon Handle

Electric Blanket Packaging Box With Nylon Handle

The Printing and Finish

The printing of this blanket packaging is applied with offset printing, which can be printed with very vivid color images to attract customers to approach the product in the mall. After printing, the surface of the box will be finished with gloss lamination or gloss varnish to make it shiny. You may learn more about printing and finish knowledge on our official site.