Blended Aroma Diffuser Packaging Tube Box

Focus Features:

  • Iron lid with Anti-rust oil
  • Detachable lid
  • Custom printed color
  • Small MOQ and short lead time
  • FSC certified cardboard


Blended Aroma Diffuser Packaging Tube Box: The inner diameter of this paper tube is 3.5 cm, and the height is 18 cm, with a tinplate cover. The entire tube body is printed in white and green and covered with a matte film.

Since the two ends of the paper tube are closed with an iron cover, the diameter of the tinplate must fit the diameter of the paper tube completely. We spent a lot of time manufacturing the mold, and the iron cover is prone to rust. If not treated, the inner wall of the paper tube will soon be filled with rust. To prevent this from happening, we will evenly coat the iron cover with anti-rust oil in advance.

We also provide shredded paper of different colors to lay inside the paper tube to protect the aroma bottle during transportation. If you need it, we can also provide EVA lining to prevent the aroma bottle from moving, improving the safety of product transportation.

This blended aroma diffuser packaging tube box uses FSC-certified paperboard, which is environmentally friendly, renewable, and recyclable. To protect the natural environment, we insist on using environmentally friendly paper to make packaging paper tubes.

We have many years of experience in producing paper tubes, and if you need to order, please contact us immediately. Please note that the size, printing, and material of the paper tube can be customized by OEM.

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