Comprehensive Guide for Custom Packaging

Comprehensive Guide for Custom Packaging

New to packaging market, confused about selecting right packaging for your products? Or you are looking for more packaging ideas to enhance your brand value? Comprehensive Guide for Custom Box Packaging is going to provide the comprehensive information you need to get on the road, to finalize your idea packagings.

What is Custom Packaging?

Custom packaging is a kind of packaging with custom printing, custom size, custom cardboard material or even custom shape style. It enables you to pack your products properly, enhance your brand visibility.

Custom packaging is not only a thing to print your box, it relates to your graphic designers’ creative idea, your packaging suppliers’ experience and the last your understanding of your industry and market. Even there are so many factors to do a good custom packaging, but sometimes it’s a simple matter of making sure your packaging is eye-catching,  customers understand what is being packed inside, and which company or brand produced it.

This guide is designed to describe all aspect of custom cardboard packagings- From Packaging design that makes your packaging outstanding, suitable cardboard material that makes you peace of mind on products, accurate printing that turns the design into reality packagings, to pack and ship the packaging well until you obtain the cargo. If you have never met those topics before or don’t know how to catch those points, you are not alone, just jump into the car and we are here to help.

Why does my packaging need Custom Packaging?

You can see a lot of unprinted packaging boxes and bags on market, or they are being marked with a printed sticker. Those companies may be just starting a trial of some products marketing, or their products are daily consumer products or a well-known brand, but we believe they will use custom printed packaging someday. ” Packagings add value to products” this is accepted by lot entrepreneurs, you can’t deny a nice packaging enhance your product value a lot, based on a good quality of your products.

Packaging is a key part of the marketing plan for any business that makes or sells products. A product’s package can be the selling point for many consumers by delivering a sense of quality while also reflecting the product’s brand image. It is critical in retail sales, where the right packaging design can attract the consumer’s eye and make the product stand out next to a rack of the competitor’s product.  Quote from

The custom packaging describes themselves. Why? a nice designed packaging box, with fully described content, ingredients, and barcodes make consumers understand better of your product. Suitable custom packaging cardboard material makes your product being locked in packaging. Means no broken, no scratch, even indicate the product is high quality that worth trusting!

Can I design packaging and determine what kind of packaging I need?

Understand custom packaging is a complex system for a person, it relates at least 10 elements. But you can gain some pieces of content, we write this article for all kind of readers, even you didn’t know custom packaging at all, you can still understand & gain some, that make sense when you start your own custom packaging project. For experienced readers, you can review and check your current packaging, if you can use the guide to solve your packaging issues or find a good idea for your new developed packagings, that would be awesome!

How much of this article do I need to check?

If you are serious about enhance your packaging items and searching for new ideas of your packaging boxes, we recommend reading this guidance from beginning to end. We have tried made this guidance as simple as possible for different grade of users. Also, we will keep this article updated year by year. This is Non-profitguidance, just keep it in hand after save it in PDF or print it out after care about environment. 

Depending on your time commitment, your willingness to read, and the complexity of packaging idea(s), you can decide if need any packaging expert to help you. Shanghai Custom Packaging have box engineer and designers to standby for any of your questions.

Let’s read step by step, no matter how long it takes, it’s good to have a firm grasp of the core concepts for custom packaging.