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8 Hot sale packaging boxes and analysis

Hot sale packaging boxes are the first things you need to think, before you searching for suitable packaging solutions to get inspirations for your own packaging box. Even packaging box has less creative factors than other industry, but there are some good ideas in a new structure or printing.
Today, I would like to introduce some hot sale packaging boxes made by our company recently. If you have some questions, just write an email to us and we would tell you how to get your packaging boxes down similar to them.

①Customized rigid cardboard display box

Custom printed rigid cardboard display box
variety colors
High quality rigid cardboard display box
golden paper with PANTONE color printing
gold metallic rigid box
Oblique box body to display products
Custom magnet closure rigid display box, hot sale packaging boxes
Magnet closure
Red color rigid display box
variety colors
Red rigid display box, hot sale packaging boxes
golden paper with PANTONE color printing

Description of Customized rigid cardboard display box

Size: 245(L) x 216(W) x 85(H) mm

Material: 2mm thick duplex board coated with printed art paper, Matt plastic lamination, magnet closure.

Features: Fancy colors, easy set-up for display, durable, collapsible structure, good for shipping and storage. Red and gold gift box in the design style and box type style is the same series, but the inner box of the production process is significantly different. The red section is an ordinary clamshell gift box, used for cosmetics, health products, jewelry, high-end food, red wine and other products packaging. Golden flip box, made in the box, made some adjustments. Ordinary inner box at the bottom and the four sides are usually the same thickness of the gray paper, and the golden section of the flip box, the bottom of the box using a slightly smaller than the four sides of the cardboard, in order to fold. Adjusted gold clamshell box, only a part of the bottom of the box is bonded to the panel fixed together, the other parts are glued to the double-sided adhesive and paved. Use only to tear off the double-sided adhesive and bonding, same as the usual use of the flip cover gift box. This adjustment of the manufacturing process, makes the transport box damage rate and transportation costs significantly reduced, especially for long-distance transport.

Application: Fashion woman, cosmetic products, fashion cloth or accessory, candy or young generation commodity.

Packing for bulk order: Five-layer corrugated master carton.

②Gift boxes and bags

classical printed paper shopping bags
Simple, natural printing.
Packaging solution bags with boxes
All kinds of paper products.
custom foldable rigid box packaging solution
gift box with magnet closure
rigid cardboard material for rigid box
2mm high quality density board
custom collapsible card box
Can be shipping in flat, hot sale packaging boxes
UV embossing on the box
high-quality water base UV varnishing


Description of Gift boxes and bags

Size: Box 20*10*3.5cm, bag 40*10*5, inner box 10*5*2cm.

Material: Gift box: 2mm thick duplex board coated with art paper, simple and elegant printing, UV in spot area, matt lamination. Paper bag: 250gsm art paper, logo gold stamping, matt finish. They made for clothes packaging, if you want to see more solutions for Apparel & shoe packaging, just browse our latest article.

Features: Fresh appearance, elegant color, convenient using, good resistance to anti-drop, the brand highlighted. Rigid box and inner box are both top & bottom shape, however, there is a big difference in material choice. Rigid box made from 2mm thick rigid duplex board and another one made from black paperboard with 0.46mm thick. Former one used for luxury packaging and another good for shipping and storage. paper shopping bag shape is rectangular, but according to the actual use of the requirements and adjust the size and thickness of the paper. Because of its fixed shape, the packaging of the bag through its printed graphic display of the company and product image. REEBONZ main products are the clothing, jewelry and other related products, the use of classical charm of foreign models clothing photos, in addition, to close to its main products, but also to the audience to promote the direction of its product style, the overall packaging style generous, Taste full of fashion.

Application: High-end fashion, cosmetics, fashion accessories, high-end Suya-style consumer products.

Packing for bulk order: Five layers corrugated master carton.

③Eco-friendly paper shopping bags and boxes

Eco friendly packaging solution
fluorescent colors Printing
Eco friendly packaging materials
Eco-friendly, recycled material

Description of Eco-friendly paper shopping bags and boxes

Material: Kraft bags are 200gsm Kraft paper with shiny printing, recycled paper rope. cardboard tube made from cardboard. Rigid gift box made from 2mm duplex board coated with Kraft paperboard

Features: This series of packaging in the design, using the more popular fluorescent colors in recent years,  and in the selection, the use of the classic Kraft paper is indeed a series. The color printed on Kraft paper, compared with the printing on the more widely used copper paper, the gloss will be greatly reduced. Therefore, this popular and classic match, so that it shows a quiet high-profile. With the rapid development of online shopping in recent years, the use of corrugated boxes has been rapid development. As the most layer of packaging, hot sale packaging boxes, the requirements of the corrugated box packaging most of its limited protection, its commitment to the product and brand promotion function is relatively small. In recent years, people’s thinking quietly changed. Corrugated box design has been more attention. In addition to printing graphics handbag, art paper plus company logo or Slogan simple printing or hot silver is also used in a very wide range of ways. Art paper is usually rich in color and unique lines. In the choice of art paper, yellow Kraft paper because of its natural color and visual experience, become the darling of most people. And even some people will produce the illusion that Kraft paper only approximates the yellow color of pulp, in fact, Kraft paper and dark yellow, light yellow, brown, white and other colors to choose from.

Application: High-end environment-friendly, cosmetics, fashion accessories, the pursuit of low-key luxury consumer products.

Packing for bulk order: Five layers corrugated master carton.

④Custom Cosmetic packagings, hot sale packaging boxes

custom cosmetic packaging solution
High-quality laser printing, UV
custom cosmetic rigid packaging boxes
Luxury feeling appearance
laser printed cosmetic packaging boxes
UV spot, hot sale packaging boxes
silver custom cosmetic rigid packaging boxes
Silver cardboard, 250gsm

Description of Eco-friendly paper shopping bags and boxes

Size: 400(L)x 285(W)x 78(H)mm

Material: Gift box: 2.5mm thick duplex board coated with 250gsm silver paperboard, UV printing with vertical Spot UV. Color box: 300gsm silver with UV, glossy treatment.

Features: Elegant appearance, dazzling colors, the surface stiffness, feel fine, easy to use, good resistance to anti-drop. FaRTIa series of cosmetics suit gift box, using a color gold and silver cardboard plus UV printing production. Gold and silver cardboard light, easy to use the packaging of such products and noble, the atmosphere linked together. Therefore, gold and silver card gift box packaging, but also for most people love. To FaRTIa essential oil gift box, for example, the whole series is taken silver cardboard UV printing production. Snow pattern part of the paper is the original color, the whole piece of white on the box are printed. It is noteworthy that the color printed on gold and silver cardboard, and printing in the ordinary white printing paper on the color difference is large, the design should be fully considered this point. Gold and silver card box, more is HR, Estee Lauder, and other high-end cosmetics custom packaging. Need to put forward is that gold and silver card is only the general name of the paper, in fact, the series of paper color is not limited to gold and silver. The use of color gold and silver cards, in addition to noble, the atmosphere outside, more, but also shows the product and brand behind the different personality.

Application: High-end luxury, cosmetics, fashion accessories, the pursuit of noble and elegant products.

Packing for bulk order: Five-layer corrugated master carton.

⑤Qkada cake packaging

Qkada cake packaging bags and boxes
Golden logo, easy to carry
Qkada cake packaging bags
Customized handle color, yellow printing shows cake


Description of Qkada cake packaging

Material: 300gsm white Virgin paperboard, food grade, made to size.

Features: Elegant appearance, delicate touch, easy to carry, can be folded into storage. When the product uses color box, they are always smaller, lighter weight, size and type of more abundant. Design, the general design will be in accordance with a variety of sizes to create a variety of packaging and handbag. You can also use the same design style but different colors to distinguish the same series of different products. Hot sale packaging boxes.

Application: Exquisite snacks, food, beverage products, creative jewelry, and so on

Packing for bulk order: Five-layer corrugated master carton.

⑥Customized member card box

customized member card packaging boxes
Matt finish
custom member card packaging boxes
Silver logo
black printed with silver foil member card packaging folder
pre-cut hole for the member card
custom member card packaging folder
foldable cardboard

Description of Customized member card box

Size: 184(L)x 133(W)x 9(H)mm

Material: 250gsm black paperboard,glue,silver stamping,die-cutting,fold to shape.

Features: The appearance of simple atmosphere, highlight the brand. The more well-known brand, in the packaging style, is often more simple. Which seems to have become the inherent trend of packaging and the trend of the. As a member of the card packaging, Coach chose to use the card book to load, not only reflects its respect for members and intentions. But in the design, the overall use of the brand has always been used in the black, only in the cover of the hot stamping its logo, showing its brand confidence in their own reputation.

Application: High-end luxury brand membership card, invitation letter and so on

Packing for bulk order: Five-layer corrugated master carton.

⑦Custom product catalog printing

Custom product book printing made from art paper

Custom product book printing


art paper printed products menu

Custom product catalog printing


Description of Custom product catalog printing

Size: 1. 315(L)x 250(W)x 40(H)mm 2. 261(L)x 261(W)x 7(H)mm 3. 286(L)x 211(W)x 1(H)mm

Material: Cover 157gsm art paper and 250gsm art paper, inner page 125gsm  art paper.

Features: Folders of the album has a grade, highlighting the company’s strong strength and diverse product categories, square and rectangular album thin, simple, the use of a wider range. Business and product albums, in the printing of color printing on the production of paper-based, part of the cover will choose art paper. Choose the folder produced by the enterprise, generally more types of products. This form of production, although the higher prices, but more highlights the strength and size of the enterprise, giving a more profound impression. hot sale packaging boxes.

Application: Enterprise product introduction, corporate image, brand promotion

Packing for bulk order: Three-layer corrugated master carton. 

⑧Custom spare parts packaging solution

spare parts packaging box with manual

spare parts packaging box


clamshell shape packaging boxes

paper manual and guidance book


Description of Custom spare parts packaging solution

Size A:173(L)x 113(W)x 28(H)mm B:173(L)x 113(W)x 35(H)mm C:270(L)x 200(W)x 15(H)mm

Material: Two rigid boxes 2.5mm thick duplex board, matt printing with EVA foam insert. inner box 250gsm silver paperboard, cut to shape, UV printing. hot sale packaging boxes

Features: The appearance of simple and generous, highlight the brand

Application: High-end luxury brand parts, metal products, high-end technology products.

Packing for bulk order: Five-layer corrugated master carton.