custom umbrella packaging box
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Clothing accessories packaging

What is clothing accessories packaging

Clothing accessories packaging hereby refer to men’s tie packaging box, umbrella packaging box, purse packaging and custom jewel packaging box. We give some brief introduction for those packagings from our featured customers.

Men’s tie

①Bracelet packaging box

custom jewelry boxes
Size: 200mm * 120mm * 25mm ( 4 3/4″ * 7 7/8″ * 1″ )
custom jewelry packaging
Made for EDBLAD, 2 pieces box style (top & bottom telescope shape), inside foam coated black velvet fabric to match with Bracelet. Gold foil stamped logo, black art paper. Our workers are very careful with each detail, just make the box seems more professional, higher quality performance and price wise.


②High quality Jewel packaging boxes rigid boxes

custom printed jewelry boxes
Size: 160*160*80 mm ( 6 5/16″ * 6 5/16″ * 5/16″ )
personalised jewellery box
Made for FABI Jewel, glossy PP lamination on all surface, seems shiny, bronze color foil stamping. Foldable/collapsible box structure, save shipping costs. Rigid cardboard material makes the box perform nicely while shipping.

Men’s tie

③Men’s tie packaging box

luxury tie gift box
same box style as custom belt packaging we displayed before, this box size is 100*85*115 mm or 3 15/16″ * 3 3/8″ * 4 1/2″
custom tie rigid packaging box, clothing accessories packaging
texture paper, telescope shape box with drawer style, foil stamping, very amazing appearance! this box is also made for VERRI.


④Luxury necktie gift packaging box

custom neck tie packaging box
400*130*35mm or 15 3/4″ * 5 1/8″ * 1 3/8″
luxury necktie gift packaging
Insert looks like cardboard but actually, it’s velvet coated with rigid card stock. accurate cutting on all edges, special texture, gold foil stamping of the logo. Flip over rigid box style, magnet closure. Box made for NEW STEP.


⑤Men’s wallet rigid box design

customized wallet box rigid quality

Size: 280*140*50mm or 11″ * 5 1/2″ * 1 15/16″

MENS' wallet packaging box
There is a wrapping paper into the box to protect wallet’s natural skin away from any scratch, the wrapping paper can be printed. Also, the half-circle finger hole cut on the side to let customer easy to open the box while purchasing. Box made for PIQUADRO.


⑥Custom umbrella package

custom umbrella packaging box
Size: 80*80*200mm or 3 1/8″ * 3 1/8″ * 7 7/8″
customized umbrella rigid gift box
Made for Black Lemon, made from corrugated cardboard, Corrugated on the outside of the extrusion has a very good protection and cushioning effect; surface black lemon logo and text from the paste, and UV treatment, glowing layer of light, very beautiful; folding the entire tray design, no sticky Plastic, green, and very clever, storage and transportation can be flat, save a lot of space; open the first layer of the tray, greeted by a layer of tissue paper printed with black lemon logo, a touch of luster, very delicate; Uncover the tissue paper, then a layer of felt cloth wrapped goods, with rubber and buttons fixed to give the most intimate protection of goods.