Chapter 4- Packaging printing finish options- Protect your printing and fancy them!

Printing is nice, but you need to find some way to protect it until your customer see the nice printing as you wish. How to do? add a printing finish option on your custom packaging! The major printing finish options listed below:

Printing Finish

Glossy & Matt Lamination

It’s a plastic film laminate on the printing surface, the glossy film makes the whole packaging shiny, and matt film makes the whole packaging matt and non-sensitive to light. As a transparent material, it doesn’t affect the color of the printing. Matt plastic lamination ix mostly used in paperboard packaging and rigid cardboard packaging. Meanwhile, glossy lamination is more commonly used in every packaging boxes and packaging bags.

Glossy & Matt AQ coating (oil varnish)

A layer of smooth oil painted onto the printing work, make it shiny or matt. It is not that high quality as the plastic film, however, it is eco-friendly! Do you know plastic film makes the custom packaging hard to be recycled? (make the film apart from cardboard) The oil varnish is water-based, can be digested into the water. Some box may need anti-moisture function, which need to be pointed out before production.

UV coating

UV coating makes a spot area outstanding shiny or full packaging shiny, it is much better performance than Glossy lamination & AQ coating. When you touch the shiny area, you can feel it a little embossed. (This is the way to distinguish UV coating to other printing finish options). UV coating is suggested to be applied after matt lamination to make it outstanding.

Foil stamping

Also called hot foil stamping. It is a heated foil roll permanently adhesive to the packaging. There are so many color foils to select, but the common use is gold foil and silver foil. Foil stamping is suggested as a procedure only after lamination especially matt lamination.

Embossing & Debossing

A procedure to make custom packaging emboss or deboss in a specific area. Hit on cardboard surface or back by machine, using an embossing & debossing mold.

Soft-touch film

Soft-film has two functions: one is to give customers a velvet touch feeling on packaging surface, another is anti-scratch. Mostly used in luxury packaging boxes and electronic device packaging boxes.


If you are not get satisfied with specialty paper texture, want to add your own design texture on paperboard, then please try textured paper. The manufacturer would make a texture template mold and hit it on paperboard, you will get a textured paper, it always happened after printing but before printing finish.


Fruit & Veg box may need waxed packaging boxes. In AU, USA, waxed carton box are very popular, waxed box can add extra strength to the carton, and the whole box can be put in pool whichout any weak trend. 

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