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Corrugated Mailer Box with Nylon Handle

Introduction of the new box style

Have you ever seen a corrugated mailer box with handles? today I would like to introduce you a new structure, Corrugated Mailer Box with Nylon handle enable the customer take away boxes by finger instead of hug it 🙁

rigid cardboard gift box
inside view of corrugated mailer box with nylon handle
back printing of corrugated mailer box with nylon handle
details of corrugated mailer box with nylon handle
open shape
Flat in shipping
lock tab for boxes
light grey background

Box Packing Solution

The mailer box structure is common, as we stated in the former blog, it also called Folding box style. Fold it without any tape or glue, flat in shipping to save shipping and storage costs. the real sample I introduced below is for Apparel & Shoes, they need the box to be rigid and seems unique. so our solution is described as below:

  1. Material: we use specialty paper as the face paper, coated with corrugated fiberboard sheet. it has special texture, the customer could feel it while touching. To be noted, we always apply E flute (2mm thickness) cardboard for this box structure, as they are easy to be folded also very rigid.
  2. Printing: As HUNTER is an international brand, it should need their logo being printed unique, then we choose Pantone color, light grey #PMS 429 as the color. from the pictures I attached here, you can see really unique!
  3. Box Structure: Under our Guidance, Director @ HUNTER, Mr. Fabrizio Zappaterra chooses the folding box style. but he concerned the customer not able to carry the box without additional tools. From this way, we apply the Nylon handle for them. Why we choose red handle? it is because red handle impacts the light grey background, the box packaging highlighted on the market!

Finally, we finished production for this order, 20,000 pieces into 4 containers. we won great feedback from our customer. From this side, we realize that UK customers are very strict with box printing quality and material rigid quality, it reminds us to take more care on the design & new material development.

Below is the video of the Corrugated Mailer Box with Nylon Handle looks like:

Do you want your packaging to be customized? please feel free to contact with Shanghai Box Packing Solution team, we would give you a nice packaging solution for some quick simple questions.