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Personalized packaging sleeves, Box sleeve sticker- Enhance your brand with low costs

What is custom packaging sleeves?

Packaging sleeve is a separated part of the main packaging boxes, it always cover some part or full part of the packaging boxes. The material of custom packaging sleeves can be paperboard, corrugated cardboard and plastic materials (PVC, PET). With printing onto, it will make the packaging boxes stands out, catch customer’s eyes. Basically, packaging sleeves would be another security system to make the box seal better. When shipping, moving, and be on the shelf, they always stay closed. If you are retail sellers, their may be some items in the same size packaging boxes, it’s hard to recognize which product it is. However, with custom packaging sleeves, the problems solved easily! If you are still thinking about how to start your custom retail packaging boxes, please try to browse another article.

custom packaging sleeves cardboard materialcustom packaging sleeves cardboard material

Different custom packaging sleeves

To be exact, there are two different custom packaging sleeves, it’s cardboard packaging sleeves and plastic packaging sleeves, the plastic sleeve can be a non-stick plastic sleeve and plastic sleeve sticker.

paperboard sleeve- Thin paper material, could be white virgin paper, kraft paper or specialty paper material. It is able to create fantastic design and print on them, working with Alpha Graphics is a good choice.

personalized packaging sleeves
personalized packaging sleeves

Corrugated cardboard sleeve– Thick and durable, able to bear some press and hit on the box sleeves. it always being used for mailer boxes, low costs and eco-friendly, printing is not essential because it’s function based packaging sleeves.

custom box sticker and custom sleeve sticker for rigid boxes
custom box sticker and custom sleeve sticker for rigid boxes

Non-stick sleeve- just wrap around the cardboard box or plastic box tray, then your packaging is improved since original packaging without printing. cheap and small volume while shipping and storage. If you are interested in a auto label machine, Then the print label is your good choice.

custom made food box sleeves and labels
custom made food box sleeves and labels

Sleeve sticker– The sleeve sticker back are spread with glue, it can be glued to a plastic box or cardboard box, The advantage of it, when compared to the non-stick sleeve, is that they should stay in position. it is good to be displayed in the supermarket, especially in the freezer.

packaging sleeves, packaging lables and sleeve stickers
packaging sleeves, packaging labels, and sleeve stickers

Quality check of custom packaging sleeves

In order to avoid as much as possible from the quality of self-adhesive materials caused by self-adhesive label printing failure, in the printing process, it is necessary to carefully look at the appearance of the quality of adhesive materials in order to be in time before printing Found defects that could cause print processing quality problems.

Roller stickers material edge smooth, no damage, is to ensure that the quality of self-adhesive label printing basis, so the printing process must be carefully checked before the edge of the roll material sticking edge whether there is a burr, whether due to storage Improperly and the emergence of damage, and to roll the material roll 4-5 lap, carefully check the edge of the cut.

Adhesive material at the time of cutting, if the cutting tool adjustment is not appropriate or blade is not sharp enough, will be in the adhesive paper or paper on the end of paper cracks, cracks will be pulled out of the fiber sticky adhesive live. The occurrence of cracks may be continuous, it may be random, may appear in the roll of adhesive material on one side, may also have both sides, so the adhesive material on the machine before printing, uncertain to carefully look at its bottom paper And whether there is a small crack in the tissue paper.
Then, take a sample of the above inspection, stripping the bottom paper again to check whether there is a crack on the paper and the bottom paper because the crack is sometimes very small, only separated from the end of paper and tissue paper can be found. It is noteworthy that, due to the ink and adhesives in the printing process will gradually accumulate to the printing machine on the paper guide roller, will also cause cracks in the edge of the adhesive material. Therefore, even if the printing has begun, can not suddenly social problems.

Adhesive material edge adhesion or the end of the paper part of the leakage of silicone oil, in the printing process will cause waste when the paper broke, cannot be normal production. Therefore, the printing before the first to take a length of about 1 meters of adhesive material, hand stripped to see the edge or other parts cannot smooth the same part of the peel. Typically, the edge of the paper and the end of the paper edge of the adhesive occurred in the entire volume of the adhesive material coated on a slitting volume, and generally only occurred in the outer 7 meters to 10 meters, so, Adhesive material edge adhesion, do not immediately assert that the whole roll paper has this problem.
In addition, it is important to note that stripping of lightweight paper (such as 60 g / m2 and 80 g / m2 of tissue paper) is greater than the force used to peel the weight of the tissue paper, the lighter the paper, the more tight feel when stripping. It is precisely because of this, sometimes according to the shape of the customer to die to cut the customer selected adhesive material, cannot be completed in the conventional printing speed.

If the reeling of the roll material is not uniform, it will not only affect the registration of the printing but also because of die cutting position changes occur and waste discharge difficulties; rewinding loose inconsistency will lead to printing paper tension Changes, uneven tension will also cause print quality problems.

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