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Custom shirt boxes

What kind of Custom shirt boxes are you looking for?

Are you looking for rigid shirt packaging boxes (custom shirt boxes), or custom paperboard boxes? We suggest you rigid boxes. The reason is simple:

  1. Rigid box is more beautiful to be shaped
  2. Rigid box has a solid cardboard material, can ensure the shirts, garments, and apparels free from any damage.
  3. Multiple printing finishes can be applied to the box surface, it is a big add-value point for your products!
  4. With Shanghai BoX Packing Solution team, you will have several solutions from us. No matter Saving shipping costs, easy to set up or need better pricing, we will help you to archive the goal.

Showcase of some Custom shirt boxes

Below we will attach some customer cases from us, all of them can be re-designed with your logo or just get some inspiration from them, then apply to your box packagings.

①Black shirt box with personalized logo

custom printed shirt box rigid material
Size: 390*260*60 mm or 15 3/8″ * 10 1/4″ * 2 3/8″
base with seperate lid packaging box for shirts
Top & Bottom shape box, or called base with lift-off lid box. This box is special because of surface soft-touch paper and lamination, when you touch on, you maybe feel you touch the cottons. The box is fully being silver foil stamped.

②custom rigid shirt packaging boxes

apparel packaging box with die cut window
Size: 230*230*70 mm or 9 1/16” * 2 3/4“ * 9 1/16”
personliased apparel displays packaging
The box able to fold for many times and front with frame cutting, you are able to put photos on it and send the shirt box as gift. Inside of front flap, there is a pocket to put thanks giving card or something.

③Customized apparel packaging box

apparel packing solution
Size: 385*305*65 mm or 15 3/16″ * 12″ * 2 9/16″
rigid drawer box and high quality paper bag for apparel
Drawer box style, with nylon handle installed on box, 2 pieces cardboard box, rigid and beauty.

④Ribbon closure gift box with debossed logo

ribbon closure gift box with debossed logo
Size: 370*270*75 mm or 14 9/16″ * 10 5/8″ * 2 15/16″
soft touch cotton feeling rigid packaging box shirts
The laminated paperboard is soft touch treatment, when you touch it feels like touch soft cotton, give s special position of your brand

⑤Elegant packaging box for shirt

elegant packaging box for shirt
Size: 290*385*40 mm or 11 7/16″ * 15 3/16″ * 1 9/16″
flip box for shirts
Ribbon closure rigid flip box, clamshell shape, it makes size to fit a shirt.

⑥Personalised silk scarf packaging box

personalised silk scarf packaging box
Size: 240*290*30 mm or 9 7/16″* 11 7/16″ * 1 3/16″
custom made silk scarf packaging
silver foil stamping.

⑦Custom shirt packing box with soft touch film lamination

soft touch shirt packaging box
Size: 330*250*50 mm or 13″ * 9 13/16″ * 1 15/16″
custom shirt packing box with soft touch film lamination
Top and bottom shape (telescope shape) rigid box 2 pieces rigid box, dark gold silver foil stamping.

⑧Glossy laminated apparel packaging box

glossy laminated apparel packaging box
Size: 215*215*80 mm or 8 7/16″* 8 7/16″ * 3 1/8″
fashion designed clothes packaging boxes
Cubic shape rigid gift box, well designed and solid quality.

⑨Custom shirt box

custom shirt box
Size: 390*260*70 mm or 15 3/8″ * 10 1/4″ * 2 3/4″
personalized shirt gift packing box
NEWSTEP shirt packaging box, bespoke rigid gift box manufacturing

⑩Porsche shirt gift box

Porsche shirt gift box
Size: 300*210*70 mm or 11 13/16″ * 8 1/4″ * 2 3/4″
high quality mens' shirt packaging box
Porsche rigid gift packaging box, customized made, offset printing with glossy UV finish.

⑪Magnetic closure rigid gift box for shirt

magnet closure rigid gift box for shirt
Size: 380*250*75 mm or 14 15/16″ * 9 13/16″ * 2 15/16″
collapsible shirt packaging box custom made
Collapsible rigid box (foldable box while shipping)

⑫Stylebop clothes packaging box custom made

stylebop clothes packaging box custom made
Size: 340*270*120 mm or 13 3/8″ * 10 5/8″ * 4 3/4″
high end shirt gift packaging box personalized made
Silver foil stamping box, collapsible and foldable style, ribbon closure instead of magnetic closure.

⑬Foldable rigid shirt packaging boxes

foldable rigid shirt packaging boxes
Size: 370*270*75 mm or 14 9/16″ * 10 5/8″ * 2 15/16″
specialty paper coated shirt packaging box
Smalto packaging box, textured ribbon closure, collapsible box style.

⑭Clamshell shaped apparel gift box

clamshell shaped apparel gift box
Size: 290*290*45 mm or 11 7/16″ * 11 7/16″ * 1 3/4″
rigid boxes with ribbon closure and foil stamping
clamshell shaped rigid packaging box, ribbon closure, silver foil stamping, black printing.

⑮Custom women’s apparel packaging boxes

custom women's apparel packaging boxes
Size: 290*290*90 mm or 11 7/16″ * 11 7/16″ * 3 9/16″
collapsible women's clothes packaging box with ribbon closure
Women”s shirt packaging box rigid box, gift packaging style, customized printing from your artwork.

⑯White with gold foil stamped shirt boxes

white with gold foil stamped shirt boxes
Size: 350*250*60 mm or 13 3/4″ * 9 13/16″ * 2 3/8″
collapsible shirt packaging boxes customized made
double side printed rigid gift box, clamshell shape packaging box. gold foil logo.

⑰Customized apparel packaging for man

custom apparel packaging for man
Size: 290*200*105 mm or 11 5/8″ * 7 7/8″ * 4 1/8″
custom apparel gift boxes luxury feeling
White ribbon closure rigid box style, silver foil stamped logo, made for THEMISPHERE.

⑱Personalized luxury shirt packaging

custom luxury shirt packaging
Size: 390*235*55 mm or 15 3/8″ * 9 1/4″ * 2 3/16″
custom shirt box with lift off lid
reinforced corner for box, able to stack 10 layers, retail sales packaging box.

⑲Custom shirt boxes

custom shirt boxes
Size: 315*235*70 mm or 12 3/8″ 9 1/4″ * 2 3/4″
custom rigid shirt packaging boxes
Sport shirt packaging box, rigid duplex board coated, custom shirt boxes.

⑳Black printing dress packaging box

black printing dress packaging box
Size: 300*270*100 mm or 11 13/16″ * 10 5/8″ * 3 15/16″
foldable rigid box for dress packing
Apparel packaging box, magnetic closure, custom shirt boxes

Corrugated mailer box for shirts

Apart from rigid cardboard shirt boxes, we can also make them to corrugated cardboard material, which is low-cost, suitable for shipping. please check corrugated box album and folding box album, moreover, we have packaging solution for shirts, apparel, and clothes.