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Custom shoe boxes | personalized shoe boxes

Shoe manufacturers always think about a cost-effective and high-quality custom shoe boxes. It is hard to meet high quality and low price, but we can give you a better price on that. Apart from our apparel & shoes packaging solution, today we would introduce some personalized shoe boxes, can fit your produced shoe sizes.

① Custom shoe boxes for supermarket

custom shoe boxes
size 335*210*125 mm of shoe box
personalized rigid shoe packaging boxes
This BROWN THOMAS shopping malls high-grade shoebox material selection of high-grade coated paper coated paper: paper smooth colour higher, very suitable for high-end packaging. Coated paper wallpaper grey paperboard, box body inside the Biaozhi white leather, so that this box from the appearance of the internal colour with a perfect, grey and white. Printing process, LOGO using exquisite bronzing process, printing the font offset printing, the bottom of the label adhesive. Heaven and earth cover box style with this shoe box with a perfect, quality and design coexist.

② Specialty paper printed shoe box

high quality shoes packaging custom made
29*20*10cm of personalized shoe box
customized high heel packaging box made to measure
This shoe box is designed for our Chinese designer Zhou Yangjie English name brand JIMMY CHOO, this shoe box main raw materials art paper, texture clear, with good stiffness and wear resistance, shoebox Surface logo using exquisite bronzing process, the pattern clearly highlights the brand, shoe inside the corner is very smooth and smooth.

③Collapsible shoe box, foldable shoe box, customize shoe box

luxury business shoes packaging box
size 340*200*120 mm
bespoke shoes packaging box foldable
MERCA high-end business shoe box production concept combined with the positioning of this product packaging main business style, material selection of high-grade black cardboard, whole body Ya black meet product positioning. LOGO craft on the use of superb hot black gold technology, black gold shiny, in the black cardboard background against the background, it is more solemn. Box-shaped style using a folding box, a folding box used in the field of a shoe box is relatively rare, folding box because of its folding easy to store, greatly reducing the proportion of the box and the packaging of the product packaging costs.

④Telescope shape personalised shoe boxes with separate lid

2017 new designed shoes packaging boxes
size 310*130*110mm
rectangle rigid gift box custom made red color
This custom made shoe box is a package designed for the French Paris century luxury shoe brand Roger Vivier. This custom shoe box according to the shape of the shoe, the design of the more depth, shoe box overall selection of warm red, art paper material, shoe box logo using the printing process. Box for the classic top & bottom type, fine workmanship, the splicing at the delicate and smooth.

⑤Cost-effective custom shoe packaging box

black printed corrugated shoes box
360*210*130 mm
custom made shoes packaging box
This is a pure black folding corrugated shoe box comes from the production of corrugated packaging products experience, shoe box custom. The creative pattern of a business shoe custom products, if only from the appearance point of view, you even Can not see it is made of corrugated cardboard, will be considered as a black cardboard as a business layer of the outer shoe. This box of the production process will be mentioned here in detail, LOGO use of convex and concave craft to create its appearance of bumps, embossed printing and black background seamless, wonderful part of the paper material selection of black raw pulp paper, The pulp and paper seamless from the outside to the internal Quintana black. Shoe box folding treatment, both to save the storage space and reduce transportation costs.

⑥Foldable rigid custom shoe boxes, personalised shoe box

2018 new designed shoes packaging box
size 370*230*110 mm of custom shoe boxes
2018 new designed custom gift box for shoes
This Fris shoebox is made by shanghai custom packaging, a exclusive custom high-end luxury box, the material selection of high-grade double copper paper wallpaper gray paper, so that this packaging itself in the material itself has a unique high-end quality The The entire box are used in folding style, surrounded by the use of magnet suction reinforcement, this box-shaped application in the field of shoe box can be said to be very rare, because of its size and height of the shoe with a relatively large size, the use of folding style The big reduction of its storage space with the cost of transportation. The production process, the use of two-colour (gilt + white) full version of the print, so that this box from the appearance of a very atmospheric pattern. LOGO using superb gold foil technology, combined with the head of the four-box adhesive tape storage of the personalized design, so that this packaging in the quality and design have a very good effect. High-grade packaging is not custom-made box can be integrated machine-style production, must be manually processed, it is necessary to test the production staff technology, and we had 20 years of packaging experience, always keep training in the operation of talent, make personalized shoe boxes.

⑦Black printed custom shoe boxes

thick gift box with special texture on top
size 330*265*130 mm of custom shoe boxes
hot sale customized packaging box for business shoes
Hot sale customized packaging box for business shoes, made for Bruno Verri

Custom shoe boxes Mock-up

Before samples, we are able to do a shoe boxes mock-up for your reference. Some customers may need some pictures in advance for marketing purpose. Whatever, today we release some mock-up for shoe boxes, please note that all design can be changed to your artwork.

custom shoe manufacturers in china


custom shoe manufacturers in China
custom shoe boxes with logo spot UV


custom shoe boxes with logo spot UV
Rigid Custom shoes boxes with lid


Rigid Custom shoes boxes with lid
shoe box suppliers in China


shoe box suppliers in China
customized shoe box packaging rigid quality


customized shoe box packaging rigid quality
Newest customize shoe box


Newest customize shoe box
custom printed shoe boxes tuck top


custom printed shoe boxes tuck top