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Custom extra large cardboard boxes

Extra large cardboard boxes are mainly referred to custom large gift boxes, to pack extra big items, with high value. Shanghai Box Packing Solution team is a professional and reliable manufacturer of large custom printed gift boxes, with several amazing jobs made for our customers.

Notice before start buying extra large cardboard boxes

As they are large cardboard boxes with maximum size 1000*1000*800mm we can print and produce for you, we need to consider 3 things before buying, they are material, the printing location, and costs:

  1. Box material: Obviously 2mm thick duplex board is not workable to support the box size and product weight, easy to be broken or hard to pack. we suggest using 3mm duplex cardboard or even HDF (High-Density Fiberboard). With this super material, you are able to hold 400KGS max. But if you need to hold more weight, let us know when we should find multiple solutions for you.
  2. Printing location: Such a big expand printing paper need to print them at least 2 times and join the printed paper together, our machine maximum printing size is 1680*1380mm, which is the advanced machine in the world. It requires your designer to cautions of the split line on the boxing draft we offer to you. But no worries, we would make no hurt on the box strong quality and printing.
  3. Costs: We require MOQ of 300 pieces and the cost is at a high level since one box consists of at least 8 pieces of rigid cardboard. There is still a way to reduce the cost, that’s to make the box foldable, you can save at least 80% shipping costs.
extra large collapsible rigid box
rigid garment packaging boxes
large garment packaging box

How to design a custom extra large cardboard box?

We offer free design service as long as we got enough information from your side:

  1. Do you need foam insert for the box, if so, what would be the shape? it’s better to send us 3D design file directly or send product sample for us to test.
  2. What box shape would you like? is it foldable collapsible box style or book shape or unique shape box style? it will affect the unit price and packing method we will apply.
  3. We would send you layout for the box you want, actually, it is very simple design, because it consists of some pieces of cardboard. For example, I attached some pictures of Large custom printed gift boxes samples upon, below is the design file for it. It is really simple, do you think so? but the real box really impressive.
    design file for Large custom printed gift boxes

Extra Large cardboard boxes with pearl foam inserts

hookah packaging boxes
printed gift boxes
hookah gift boxes
extra large cardboard gift boxes
custom gift boxes
extra large gift boxes with lids
custom gift boxes

To pack glass bottles, it’s better to use foam insert instead of cardboard, the first reason is luxury feeling, another is an anti-scratch function of the foam other than cardboard.

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