This topic may be at your point, a lot customer complains that their old packaging is not looking fancy and rigid as others. Moreover, their competitor’s packaging structure seems more fit with products, no matter box’s elegant body or nice printing work. There is no doubt that a suitable packaging can add good value to your products. Now let’s talk about how to make high-quality sample packaging box.

What is important for designing a suitable packaging box?

As I mentioned, the box is consist of three parts: structure, material, and printing. Let’s step by step introduce to you.

  • Box structure

Box structure like an unpainted car, it will determine how your packaging box looks like mostly from your customers’ eyes. Long, wide and height. How many pieces products packed in a box, from where to open and so many details need to think about. Before we have sorted our common box structures.

Are you on the way to design a box and not sure what box style goes to? Now we offer free box design templates and free box insert templates, please check and download those useful & popular templates!

  • Box Material

Your customer complained that the box is being damaged when receiving? you feel the box is weak to pack and load your products? This is all about that box material!

For corrugated box (mostly for shipping and mailing), you need to know the weight of your one pack products. Generally, if they are below 5 kgs, you can apply single layer corrugated cardboard as your material. Double layer corrugated cardboard for 5-30 kgs, and 30+kgs for higher quality double layer corrugated cardboard or triple layer corrugated cardboard. The folding box has a better quality performance in pressure and edges crush test than regular slotted carton boxes.

For Custom rigid gift boxes. Depend on what kind of products you pack for, may need to add an insert to protect them. Also, the cardboard can select from 1mm~3mm thickness.

For personalized paperboard boxes, the material is varied. Mostly you will like an ivory board or Kraft paperboard. We also have sorted out some general paperboard material for boxes.

How can I study from my competitor’s packaging style?

We always keep an innovative mind in our industry, learn from packaging design world about the latest packaging structure, to meet demands from our customers. It is sure that you may lead the packaging fashion in your profession once followed by a professional packaging design & manufacturing company.

It’s also common that you saw a very nice designed packaging in supermarket, show or from your supplier, maybe they are from your competitor. You want to learn the structure and apply onto your own packaging, but how? I’m proud that our company can definitely help you! just follow the below steps:

  1. If you have samples in hand, this is easy, just post it to us, we will analyze it and get to you with correct design and die-cutting work. You can also be customized it with your own size.
  2. If you have a picture, send it to us, we will learn it within 30 minutes and send back to you with the die-cut design. As you can, take more photos from top, sides, and cardboard thick to us.
  3. If you just have an idea, no pictures no samples in hand. Ok, check our free packaging design, if you find something similar, then let’s talk about details!
  4. If you want to learn not only structure but also printing and printing finish, this will takes about 1 day to finish. Please note that Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd only learn from them, not copy, we also keep our client’s design work for Confidentiality.

How to Proceed a sample packaging box?

After choosing from a lot of box structures, box printing, and box printing finish, you may ask for a sample box from us to test quality. Awesome! we are about to get there. That time we will send you a flat design artwork or box mockups for your confirmation first. Our sales will talk with you regarding:

  1. How much thick of cardboard would you want?
  2. What printing and printing finish on the box you require.
  3. Need any cardboard insert or foam inserts into the box?
  4. Digital printing or bulk machine printing?
  5. How many pieces samples would you ask?

Do not get a headache on those questions, if you have no experience in answering them. No worries, our sales will just ask you basic product information and determine those answers on our end.

After getting answers, we will start re-design and samples for you.

What machine will we use for sample cutting?

Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd apply sample laser cutting machine on all sample cutting. Laser cutting machine is very efficient in cutting boxes, also accurate as a normal cutting machine. However, it’s not able to do bulk production.

Our sample lead time is 3 days for digital printing, include digital printing, lamination corrugated board, cutting, and packing. Woodpecker is our partner and supplier for this machine, we will keep updating on sample machine to meet up with a special request from future customers.

Finally, you get samples and test with your products. We are confident that it will meet your demand because it based on well acknowledge of your requests, our workers pay much attention to.

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