custom rigid box for underwear
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Luxury Packaging Solution

Luxury packaging solution in this article refers to wallet packaging box, Ballet dancing shoe packaging box, Scarves gift packaging box, Smart underwear packaging box, Belt gift packaging box. Now let’s start the analysis without any hesitate.

①Luxury Wallet Packaging box

rigid wallet packaging boxes
Size: 200 mm *120 mm * 40 mm (7 7/8″ * 4 3/4″ * 1 9/16″) Telescope shape, or called base with lift-off lid. Made from rigid cardboard.
Wallet gift box packaging solution
accurate cut in edge and perfect glue between paper and cardboard. Light gold foil stamping on the front side. an accurate side of top and bottom, fit each other appropriately. Cardboard is 2 mm thick, laminate with 200 gsm dark brown paper. This material is popular in such kind luxury wallet packaging.

This box designed & manufactured for Italy brand “BOTTEGA VENETA” We can also add insert lining, such as wrapping paper with your logo, foam padding, etc.

②Ballet dancing shoe packaging box

Ballet dancing shoes packaging box
Size 290 mm * 130 mm * 90 mm (11 7/16″ * 5 1/8″ * 3 9/16″), matt wood printing, elegant and seems luxury, well designed box.
rigid box for Ballet dancing shoes, luxury packaging solution
wooden colour speciality paper, a collapsible box with an active flap. Matt surface treatment, rigid and solid bleached cardboard. Before packing the shoes into the box, just need tearing off the paper on the sticker then make it shaped.

This box is designed & supplied with Italy shoe brand Anniel shoes. We can design for you with several opinions, such as different paper colour, different size, different box style, etc.

③Smart underwear packaging box custom gift box

custom rigid box for underwear
Size: 330 mm * 190 mm * 125 mm, or 13″ * 7 1/2″ * 4 15/16″
Smart underwear packaging box
made from black specialty paper, art paper and rigid cardboard. Silver stamping, Spot UV varnish, high-quality ribbon. Thanks to the collapsible structure, this box can be flat in shipping and storage, can save a lot cost for you. The paper is smooth, after printing, the whole box can be shiny a lot, eye-attractive.

This box is made of BOOP underwear manufacturer.

④Custom Scarves gift box, luxury packaging solution for Scarves

coffee color Scarves gift box
Size: 250 mm * 250 mm * 30 mm (9 13/16″ * 9 13/16″ * 1 13/16″)
custom rigid boxes for Scarves
Coffee color specialty paper, transparent UV varnish, well designed and perfect cutting on edge. When you touch the box, you can feel a special texture but can’t recognize it by eyes. Coffee color gives us a historical feeling of the brand and culture. After producing the box, we also make the same color paper bag to fit the box, they interact each other and highlight the brand a lot!

This box is designed & manufactured for ASILK located in Taizhou, Zhejiang.

⑤Rigid Scarves Box

Scarves gift packaging box
Size: 260 mm * 180 mm * 40 mm (10 4/16″ * 7 1/16″ * 1 9/16″)
rigid box for Scarves
This box is designed for ASILK also, and the box made to size to fit scarves. Deep red printing, lamination, UV stamping. A good example of luxury packaging solution.

⑥Belt luxury packaging solution

waistband gift box
Size: 110 mm * 75 mm * 115 mm (4 5/16″* 2 15/16″* 4 1/2 “)
rigid gift box for belt and waistband
This box applied an advanced pigment, never faded colors. Transparent PVC window, finished in non-dust working house, glue perfect, top fit the bottom. Customers can see the products directly from the window.

This box is made for Italy brand ALTO MILANO.

Luxury Watch Packaging box Mock-up

Below are some images of Mock-ups for Watch, made from wooden with PU leather, but it can be changed to high-quality rigid cardboard, too.

high quality watchbox template
high-quality watchbox template
customized watch box for men
customized watch box for men
rigid wooden cardboard box for watch
rigid wooden cardboard box for watch
customized high quality watch case
customized high-quality watch case
custom wooden watch case
custom wooden watch case

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