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Luxury two pack red wine box

In this article we will introduce 4 types of luxury two pack red wine box packaging, they are made of rigid grey board. We believe wine packaging boxes are not only for packing the wine bottle but also stand for a wine culture. Thus we produce and finish the paper wine packagings with exquisite design and printing, regarding them as a kind of artwork. We make sure every process to be finished with perfection, believe good packaging can add good wine-tasting to the red wine. Also for wine supplier, a wine with pretty packaging can also attract more consumer’s eyes to increase the sales to some degree. As some good red wine can also become a gift to present to friends.

The four styles of two pack red wine box as following including four different box shapes Top and bottom box, foldable hinged lid wine box and the box lid opened from two sides. All of the wine boxes are made with inserts to fix the wine bottle stabilized. Let’s appreciate the beautiful boxes with details below:

red color printed wine packaging

This is a luxury two pack red wine rigid box of a top and bottom box style, with red color printing and partial gold foil stamping lines and character.

red color two pack red wine box

The bottom tray is glued by two parts, one part in red color, another with gold paper to make it looks great, when it covered with the lid, the gold part will peep out a line to become a light spot of the box.

insert and box details of the red wine box

The details of the brown flocking blister insert, this kind of insert is made through a tailor-made mold which customized according to the exact bottle size and shape which will be placed inside.

red wine gift box
rigid cardboard two pack red wine box packaging

This is also a two-pack red wine box, which designed with a lid can be opened from two sides,  when it is folded it can very well stand out the wine brand through the logo printed on the one side of the lid. The other side of the lid is embellished with decorative pattern printing.

two pack red wine box with blister insert

Open from two sides to show the wine bottle lays inside right in the box insert.

insert and printing details of a red wine box

White flocking blister insert details and printed decorative pattern details. Every detail looks fantastic.

luxury two pack red wine packaging box
luxury two pack red wine packaging box

This is another two pack red wine box which lid can also be opened from two sides, but the two sides are even to meet at the middle of the box, well designed and printed with two main colors.

easy opened luxury red wine box with insert

The inside of the box lid can also be printed with wine brand logo.

luxury red wine box with flocking blister insert

You can open one side of the lid, also you can open both sides to show the good wine lay inside the box.

details of red wine insert

Both the box and insert details are well treated all the same.

luxury hinged lid red wine box spot UV varnish
This is a regular luxury hinged rid two pack red wine box which also with insert., offset printed red wine paper box
Instead of any other material made the insert, this box insert uses the paperboard made insert which with die-cut holes to make the wine bottle top fix in it well. This box can be foldable while shipping the boxes.
Details of the cardboard insert which has been glued to the box.
Gold foil stamping character and vivid printing details on the box to make it looks high end and luxury.

Above are the four types of two pack red wine box with inserts, welcome to custom the wine box from us, we will bring the elegantly designed luxury wine packaging for you to stand out your wine brand and boost your business.