carton packaging by bundle wrapped
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corrugated carton warehouse
Carton packaging warehouse

When you visit our factory, the plant should leave you a good impression of the environment- neat and orderly. We take ISO certificate as our basic rules. The waste pieces of carton packaging should be cleaned up before sign off a day, the paint should be washed by machine after printing finished.

master carton plant
production house and master carton plant
carton packaging by bundle wrapped
Palletized master carton boxes
cardboard insert on pallets
cardboard insert, dividers

High-resolution flexo printed box (carton packaging) producing

color check before mass production run
printing quality check each piece, only after approved we go to mass production
finished products of flexo printed boxes
sample production proceed
quality check before printing
we check color mixed percentage, in order to get the best match colors!
high speed 7 color flexo printing machine
mass production run, high-end printing and cutting machine, also high speed!

We are proud of owning a 7 color flexo printing machine, with high speed to meet customers’ short lead time. This will save you a BIG cost of packaging, but why? When we make the flexo printing high quality, it is more near to offset printing. If you want the box to be full color but with the limit cost of packaging, please try our high-speed flexo printing machine. Can you figure out it’s offset printing or offset printing? the answer maybe NOT. The hardest procedure in the box printing is the chromatography, which takes at least 20 minutes. Unlike offset printing, flexo printing is not automatic accurate chromatography, need man’s handle in. In our factory, each print runs, there should be a man stand by, use his professional eyes to figure out which is not correct and adjust the machine fast. Until a perfect product come out we will not stop adjusting, from color to print position.

High-speed auto glue machine

high speed auto glue corrugated carton boxes
high-speed auto glue corrugated carton boxes
auto glue machine
auto glue machine

In the past, we glue the box by hand but some years later we change it to machine work. One man one day have 2,000 pieces box glue finished but it’s 100,000 pieces by machine. Also, the glue machine makes the box right glued without mistake, the box should be more sturdy!

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