VIP card packaging box
Packaging Structure

Personalized membership card package, VIP card package

Member card or VIP card is something like bank card size, they are standard in international. In order to fix the card inside, packages should be able to fit them and keep in position. Moreover, some organization wants to make they package seems luxury or outstanding, then you may need to think about design it. Today we bring some card package real samples to share with everyone, if you are interested in, let us know! (Shanghai BPS have so many years’ experience in card package manufacturing)

①Brown Thomas VIP card packaging box

VIP card packaging box
Size: 125*105*10mm or 4 15/16″ * 4 1/8″ * 3/8″
black foil stamping member card packaging box
Brown Thomas is one of the biggest luxuries manufacturing companies in the world. We apply 120gsm red art paperboard for this package, with black foil stamping on the top for the logo. The insert fully matches VIP card and customized insert fit the box inside.

②Personalized gift package for VIP card

VIP member card packaging box
Size: 125 * 95 * 30mm or 4 15/16″ * 3 3/4″ * 1 3/16″
red packaging box for VIP card
This box made for JuleBeautySpa. The box material is C2S paper coated with the duplex board, book shape, and special texture ribbon closure. There is two ribbon on the insert to fix them into the box, make the package seems very shapely.

③Credit card package customized printing

ribbon closure rigid box for credit card
Size: 125*94*30mm or 4 15/16″ * 4 15/16″ * 1 3/16″
Custom credit card package box
Designed & manufacturing for JEFF DEVINE hair. Black specialty paper coated, logo treated with silver color. Reinforced edge make box stronger, protect card well. We accept customized insert with different materials, like EVA, EPE, XPE, cardboard, PVC, PET and so on.

④Hotel VIP card package

full over embossed logo printed gift box for member card
Size: 120*90*20mm or 4 3/4″ * 3 9/16″ * 13/16″


clamshell rigid box well designed
Made for hotel Adare Manor, the design of the entire box on the product design requirements of respect has innocent aesthetic style highlight the layout of this package style. LOGO process using superb bronzing technology, the bottom of the box body and logo at the full version of embossing patterns. Material selection of high-grade white cowhide, so that this box of whiteness beyond the traditional white cowhide, white and white people dizzying. The structure of the box body clamshell box with thread ribbon beam mouth, packaging, high-grade white leather lining, diagonal thread Satin edging. Make this package quite inspirational in design.