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Custom Rigid boxes / Personalized rigid set-up boxes

Shanghai Box Packaging is a professional and reliable China rigid box manufacturers, located in Shanghai.  Rigid box or rigid setup box is a kind of paper packaging box made from high-quality cardboard material, a good appearance and ability to secure well your products. The custom rigid boxes enable you to print your brand on the boxes inside and outside, add value to your products. Moreover, if your products with high value, we are able to add foam protection insert or cardboard insert into the rigid boxes.

telescope shape rigid cardboard gift boxes
luxury rigid box with insert
lift-off lid rigid gift boxes
custom rigid boxes

Design for rigid setup box

Design for rigid setup box

Some customers asked, how can I get started with the box design? We have a solution of the box design for you, just follow our box designer’s idea and guidance, you will turn your idea into reality! Anyway, it’s simple to run this design under our help.

Common box shape of custom rigid boxes

There are around 89 box shapes in rigid boxes only, however, only 3 types are mainly used, Box Packing Solution team figure them out as below:

  • Flip Top rigid boxes. This box you can see them around the market to pack wine, electronic products, and jewel market niche.
Flip Top rigid boxes
  • Lift-off lid rigid boxes. iPhone packaging box style, rigid and durable.
lift-off lid rigid gift boxes
  • Tray with sleeve rigid boxes. an elegant open style, most level secure your products. Made for Corgi.
Tray with sleeve rigid boxes

Printing finish on Rigid box

rigid setup boxes
rigid packaging boxes
rigid cardboard boxes
back of rigid setup boxes
high quality made to measure a rigid box
rigid boxes with silver foil stamping details
rigid box packaging for car light
rigid box manufacturers
Printing finish is the last way to make your box more eye-catching after printing. Below we make a conclusion of common printing finish method for your reference. You can visit our printing finish topic page to check all method.

How can you save shipping costs on Rigid box | Rigid set up boxes

It is a shame when customers cancel the order since the shipping costs are way too high. the reason is that the box are not foldable and master carton too big. To solve this problem, we have 3 solutions:

  1. Make the box foldable. Do you know that rigid setup boxes can be foldable? just check our foldable gift boxes archive, also called collapsible rigid boxes. Surely the unit price would be higher, but it seems good choice regarding much more shipping costs.
  2. Choose the correct master carton size. We checked a lot customer complains regarding their importing experience. We found that there is a lot of room wasted in the master box and container. This request professional packaging experience and professional packing boxes into containers. Try to think, if a container load more boxes by us, you will save some costs, right?
  3. Try to add some quantity. The unit costs mainly come from printing and material, if you order 500 pieces or less, the average set up costs will seem crazy. However, if you add quantity to 2000 pieces, the unit cost should be 35-45% off! Stock the boxes is a problem? no worries, we can make stock for you and ship them out by several times.

The cheapest way to protect your printing contents, add a small effect on your printing work.

The most economical way to make the box shiny or matt full-over.

Make your logo or text spot colored with colorful metallic pigment varnished, very shiny under light, eye-catching.

The water-based material, enable your logo or text with touch feeling and easy recognized, cheaper than foil stamping.

Make an area out bonding than other areas, easy to feel when you touch on.

expensive but luxury plastic lamination, matt, and soft touch feel, always used in luxury packaging boxes and rigid present box manufacturing.

Minimum order of Soft-touch film lamination

luxury tea gift box with UV varnish
hinged lid rigid boxes
custom made rigid boxes
custom rigid box with hot foil stamped logo

As this kind of material, not common ones, we could not ensure enough stock, so we always buy them based on an order from soft-touch film factory, we request minimum order quantity of 500 pieces custom rigid boxes.