About BPS Team

Company introduction

As a part of Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd, Box Packing Solution team is a team set up by 5 experienced sales, 2 box & graphic designers, 1 sales director, and 3 assistants. We offer custom paper boxes, custom corrugated boxes, Custom Rigid boxes, customized paper bags to paper tubes packaging. Moreover, for different industries, we offer packaging solutions, including cosmetic packaging solution, Apparel & shoes packaging solution, food packaging solution, fruit & vegetable packaging solution, game box packaging solution and digital device packaging solution. We have 3 factories covering corrugated box production line, paper bag production line and rigid cardboard gift box production line, started produce paper packaging since 1998.

Why did we call Box Packing Solution team?

Like Audi from Volk Swagen, Lexus from Toyota, Box Packing Solution team is a packaging solution manufacturer to make customers more clear about what they need. With high quality and luxury feeling paper packaging. In the past years, we found many customers are purchasing the packaging in a very hard way and do not have any choice. For example, the sales only suggest one corrugated material packaging opinion for the customer. Then they had to choose it, actually, if they use rigid cardboard material, their products value could be highly showed up! Another sample is that you need to choose paper boxes from us but need to purchase foam insert from another factory as the box factory do not know much about foam material. In this case, will waste time and add risks of purchasing unsuitable material. Now you know us, we supply all of them to you with suitable prices but the high quality, one-stop purchasing here.

How can we help you in a professional way to purchase paper packaging?

In order to solve this situation and grow up our business, Box Packing Solution Team get born. Please get an overview as below:

  1. Paper & paperboard material selections
  2. Packaging design layout & 3D demonstration
  3. Printing & printing finish choices
  4. Customized Boxes and bags
  5. Special Packing & shipping service
  6. Packaging box inserts

Moreover, If you do not understand well of those industry words, no worries. We still have the guidance of the details packaging name and packaging solution for your choice:

  1. Products (Card paper box | Corrugated box | Rigid cardboard gift box | Paper bag | Paper tube packaging | Packaging material | Printed paper products)
  2. Packaging Solutions (Cosmetic box packaging solution | Drinks box packaging solution | Apparel & shoe packaging solution | Fresh food box packaging solution)

We are sure any of your packaging needed are listed on our website. They keep updating with the World Packaging Industry and China Packaging Association. Our Goal is ” To make the paper packaging purchase easier and delivery shorter”

Factory Tour

We located in Shanghai, China. Our factory contains corrugated box factory, custom-made paper bag factory and rigid cardboard box factory. Our main market is the USA, Australia, Europe, and some Africa countries. from our factory to PUDONG airport and seaport is only 45 kilometers, one hours’ driveway. We have advanced printing machine Heidelberg CD102-7 and CD102-4, also the Roland printing machine and some high-speed flexo printing machine.

factory tour-about us

Certifications of Box Packing Solution team

In the past years, we have been certificated by ISO, FSC, PEFC, HMEONLINE. Which prove that we are an environmentally friendly factory to create recyclable paper packaging, also with certificated raw materials.

Certifications of Box Packing Solution team

Quality control and Money-back policy

How do we do the quality control of the paper packaging? There are four steps: firstly material check, secondly printing the quality check, third size check, finally finished box quality check. Material check: After ordering, we will check the order material detailed, and check them by machine. How thick it is, what is the color on 2 sides? Printing quality check: compare to the original artwork, together with our GMI management and PIM system, we will double check if the finished printed paper is accurate. Mostly they are good. If something happened, we should re-print them immediately. Size check: with our die-line, it’s easy to measure the finished box size, always passed! Quality check: From ECT, FCT to BCT, we will test them by professional machine, to make sure box strength quality is enough as the customer had ordered. It is not enough to say how professional we are without actual action. Shanghai Box Packing Solution team offer the money back guarantee for unqualified products. If it is the wrong size, wrong printing, weak material quality. We should send the money back to your account within 3 days, without any doubt.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Shanghai Box Packing Solution team have wide variety paper packaging products manufacturer experience;
  2. Advanced printing machines and experienced workers;
  3. Good feedback from our customers in the past years, quality pass rate up to 98%;
  4. Fast response, from our sales to out factory workers love their job, any case will respond in 24 hours;
  5. Money back guaranteed based on unqualified products;
  6. Patient, reliable, professional we are.
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