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After selecting the correct paper material, you need to select correct paper box styles for your packaging.

Box packing solution offers a wide range of box styles for the customers, each paper box styles could be customized in length, width, and height. From Auto bottom box styles, display box styles, drawer box styles, folding box style, gable top paper box style, the box with hang tab style, pillow box style, slotted carton box style, snap lock bottom box style, tuck-end paper box style, hinged lid rigid box style, collapsible rigid box style to the special box shape.

As a professional and reliable box packing supplier, we are very sure that your requirements will be covered by us. Download Free Paper Box Design Book here.

Auto Bottom Box Style

Auto bottom box styles

Bottom auto locked without glue or tape while you install the box, convenient for packing and it is flat shipping. Similar box style is TTAB(Tuck top auto bottom) and GTAB(Gable top auto bottom).

Display Box Style

Display box styles

Base with advertisement lid, display box is a popular box style for retailers and supermarket. Always made from single layer corrugated fiberboard or double layer corrugated fiberboard.

Drawer Box Style

drawer box styles

Also called slide box style and matchbox style. Slide the inside bottom from the side and pick the products out, solid on sides, could be printed on lid and drawer base, able to add a silk tab onto, is able to pull out base easier.

Folding Box Style

folding box style

Also called one-piece box style or mailer box style. Box set up without any glue or tape, folding the side flaps into the slotted hole on the bottom. The box is flat shipping and rigid enough while turn around.

Gable Top Paper Box Style

gable top paper box style

Also called carrier box style or handle box style, it is able to let the customer take the box on the top, take away the box. always be used for pet carrier box, cake box, wine bottle carrier.

Box With Hang Tab Style

box with hang tab style

It is a box able to hang on the shelf in supermarket or shops, with a clear window on the body, customer, able to see inside directly, it is more promotional function than packing function.

Pillow Box Style

pillow box style

Looks like a pillow, open from the 2 small side, light and unique box shape, always being packed with a scarf, candy, hot food or fits.

Slotted Carton Box Style

slotted carton box style

The most common style of corrugated boxes, close from top and bottom, tape closure. Can apply single layer corrugated fiberboard, double and triple layer also available.

Snap Lock Bottom Box Style

snap lock bottom box style

Convenient closure box style, suitable for long and light commodity packaging. This bottom always showed in tuck top snap locked bottom box (TTSLB box), and gable top snap locked bottom (GTSLB box).

Tuck End Paper Box Style

tuck end paper box style

Two sides are same closure style, which is only on over flap to close the box. it always being used for cosmetic box packaging, led light box packaging, tea packaging, and digital device packaging. Common styles are Straight tuck end boxes (STE box) and Reverse tuck end boxes (RTE box).

Top and Bottom Box style

Top and bottom box style

It is also called telescope shape box, or there-pieces box. could use rigid cardboard, corrugated fiberboard or even rigid paper to build up the box style. Some luxury products box packaging likes this box style or the inside products are fragile.

Collapsible Rigid Box Style

collapsible rigid box style

This is a foldable rigid gift boxes style. As gift boxes are made from rigid cardboard, it’s high quality however the cardboard takes so many rooms. So the collapsible rigid box able to save costs while shipping and storage.

Hinged Lid Rigid Box Style

hinged lid rigid box style

A book-shaped gift box, the lid is all over the width of the boxes, covered and close the box, it may need magnet closure, ribbon closure or iron buckle closure. Most popular for shoe box packaging, luxury garment box packaging, and fragile products box packaging.

Special Box style

Special box shape

Include heart shape boxes, triangle shape boxes, octagon shape boxes, hexagon shape boxes, rotate boxes or other special shape boxes didn’t list here. But in one word: you have the idea, we would realize it. You have no idea, we create it.

Paper box and corrugated box perforation (folding box styles)

If you want to add a security system onto the packaging box, to ensure the box not opened before it delivered, also it makes the customer more convenient to open the box, then perforation line is your choice. 

Actually, it is a die-cut line onto the boxes and opens from the cutting area. You need to add a sticker on the closure flaps to make s the boxes totally closed before sending out.

corrugated box with perforation line open

Corrugated box with perforation line open