Custom Printed Magnetic Closure Box WIth EVA Insert

Focus Features:

  • Magnetic closure gift box.
  • EVA foam insert with custom die-cut slot, and surface stick printed paper
  • Custom printing outside and inside
  • Interior size is 203 x 170 x 60 mm


The Magnetic closure gift box is a popular style for its convenient opening and closing mechanism. This box features two small pieces of magnet plates slotted inside the front box wall and two pieces of small metal plates glued inside the flip-top closure, which attract each other to close the box lid. The flap back is glued to the inner box, and the top lid can be kept open.

The box has a 4-color printing design with matte lamination on both the inside and outside. The outside and inside lid of the box is printed with a custom design pattern, while the sides of the box are the same color as the internal lid, which is Dusk Grey.

Inside the box, there is a die-cut EVA with printing paper stuck on the surface. The EVA insert is glued inside the box, and it has four cylindrical holes on the EVA insert. The die-cut slot can be customized to fit any product specification, and it is recommended to send the product to ensure a perfect fit.

To ensure the design artwork shows all the patterns, a 30mm bleed is added for cutting. The interior size of the box is 203 x 170 x 60 mm. This box is suitable for various applications, such as packaging for furniture components or other delicate items.

For custom orders, we can provide a sample for size checking and product testing. This box is shipped with single packing in a polybag and five layers of corrugated carton. We also offer worldwide shipping, including taxes and customs clearance, with various shipping methods available based on quantity and urgency.