Boxing Gloves Packaging Box Display with Hang Tab

Focus Features:

  • 400gsm paperboard material, the most rigid single layer virgin paperboard.
  • Tuck top and snap bottom box style, convenient box style.
  • Hang tab stick on the box top, make it able to hang on the shelf.
  • Glossy lamination.
  • Plastic window patching, show inside products.

How To Make A Box Able To Be Hang Up On Shelf?

Except for box structure itself have hang tab, we can add an extra hang tab on the box. This Boxing Gloves Packaging Box Display with Hang Tab explain, adding an adhesive hang tab on the back of the box top. A pair of gloves weight about 800grams. We need to consider the use of a 3M adhesive sticker. Compare to the original hang tab box, the Boxing Gloves Packaging Box Display with Hang Tab will have no die-cut hole on the box, all content in the box will be secured. As we know, gloves always made from leather need to be away from sunshine, dust, or even moisture, this box style make it!

How Big Is The Plastic Window Can Be Placed On A Box?

We suggest a 2cm minimum space between the box border. Plastic window patching is glued on the box, so we need some space to place the glue onto. Moreover, if there is a too narrow border, when you bend box over (fold the box up) this area will be hard to fold correctly, paperboard is too soft on this way. We would like to let you know there is much thickness can be chosen from. Depends on your request, we may take different thick PET windows or PVC windows.