Branded Cardboard Cylinder With Plastic Lid For Packing Color Pencils

Focus Features:

  • Plastic cap
  • Cardboard tube body
  • Wooden effect printing
  • Sustainable material
  • Small MOQ
  • Suitable for USPS mailer packing


Branded Cardboard Cylinder With Plastic Lid For Packing Color Pencils, this paper tube is used to hold color pencils. The leading consumer group is children, so all printed cartoon characters are interesting. To fit the attributes of the pens, the entire paper tube is printed with a wooden texture and covered with a matte film.

The unique feature of this paper tube is the plastic lid so that consumers can see the color of the pencil without opening the paper tube so that they can know whether these pencils meet their needs. Don’t worry about the negative impact of plastic on the environment. This plastic cover is made of PP environmentally friendly materials and is renewable. Also, the paper tube itself uses FSC certified recyclable paper, which has no harmful effect on the environment.

If you need to customize based on this paper tube, first of all, you need to understand your pencil length, pencil diameter, and how many pencils each paper tube needs to be packed. After getting the above accurate information, we can customize a paper tube that belongs to you.

The MOQ of this paper tube is 500, the more quantity ordered, the lower the unit price. Before mass production, we can provide a sample for you to confirm the quality.

We have many years of experience in the production of paper tubes, if you need to order, please write to us immediately.