Brown Printed Essential Oil Packing Tube

Focus Features:

  • Natural Kraft paper laminate with cardboard, round shape
  • Double-wall thick, with a lift-off cap
  • Top lid and Bottom can be printed also
  • Custom printing tubes and made to size to fit your product
  • Material fully recycled, no harm to Children and Planet.
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Description of Brown Printed Essential Oil Packing Tube

Essential oil always being packed in a plastic bottle or glass bottle, easy to get leaked or damaged without an outer package. So the cardboard tube is a good idea for original packaging. The machine is tiny to fit a pack, but it’s durable, easy to open. By adding a sticker on the open caps, it will be secured well.

The tube design is simple, and you can ask us to offer a FREE cardboard tube die-line for you to put artwork onto. This Brown Printed Essential Oil Packing Tube is only an example.

Useful Information